Competitive Edition Mod Tournament May 7th, 2016 11:30am PST

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Hello everyone, miragefla here making an announcement about an upcoming tournament I will be hosting. It's already on the page, but you can also find it here!

Competitive Edition mod is back after a lull, now ready to bring exciting games and new strategies to the table! The Competitive Mod has been improved with feedback, including new features such as call-in tanks being tied to tech. Balance has also been adjusted once again, with 222 adjustments, further focus on Soviet T4, improvements to OKW's indirect fire capabilities, and the balancing of the new commanders introduced by Relic!

What is the Competitive Edition Mod

The mod is designed to lower frustrating moments. Moments such as mines dealing heavy engine damage or wiping whole squads, AA inconsistency, path finding, and other issues. Furthermore, various units, tech costs and abilities have been modified, either to bring them up to par or to tone them down. This brings more strategy and diversity into the game by allowing players more choices and options.

With the ending of the last tournament, there have been considerable changes in the mod to adjust for issues that were found so there's always something new!

Date and Schedule

This site will help you convert the times below to your own time zone.

May 7th, 2016 11:30am PST.
Check-in Opens on May 7th, 10:30am PST.

Check-in and Confirmation

Check-in through the CoH 2 CE Steam group. The first 32 players will be assigned into the bracket.

Scores must be reported in the Steam chat group, regardless if you won or lost. Should one of the parties fail to report in, a referee will make a decision after 15 minutes.

Rules and Format

All players must use v.25 of the Competitive Edition Mod.
No intentional use of bugs/exploits. Users will be disqualified immediately.
USF can go over population with the mechanics of vehicle crews.
Matches will be best of three.
Observer Settings: 3 minute delay
If a player drops before five minutes in a game due to internet issues, then the game should be replayed. If they drop afterwards, however, it is up to the other player to decide whether to take the win or not.
All Commanders and Bulletins are allowed.
Referee decisions are final.

Faction and Map Rotation

Faction selection will be decided by a coin-toss. Afterwards, the two players will begin to veto maps. The player who has lost the coin-toss gets the first veto. Both sides will veto until there is only one map left.

After the veto process is complete, players will play up to two games on the selected map, swapping between Axis and Allies, respectively, on the second game. If the game goes to the third round, players will once again veto maps. Faction selection will once again be decided by coin-toss rather than VPs to avoid games dragging on. First veto once again belongs to the one who lost the coin-toss.

Map Pool

Kholodny Summer
Arnhem Checkpoint
Crossing in the Woods

Faction Map Position

Allies are to take position 1 while Axis are to take position 2 in 1v1 maps. On maps with the 2v2 setting open, Allies are to take position 1/2 while Axis take position 3/4


Upload replays to COH2.ORG. They must be labelled clearly, with the round, game number, and the CET tag. Replays can also be sent to [email protected], should there be any issues.

Example: R16 G2 miragefla vs name CET


$100 CDN for 1st place.

Any donations will increase the prize pool, and possibly allow prizes for the second and third places.

There might also be additional awards for those who use the most non-meta or interesting strategy that breaks the mold of the current game? Brummbar spam? Might as well give it a try!

Coverage and Casters

The games will be streamed on Twitch by miragefla with possible support from other casters if they show interest!


Mod Link
Drop-Box Patch Notes
Coin-Toss Link
Sign-Up Page



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