The current state of game audio and other little visual things

6 years ago

The current state of the audio, it's not nearly as good as it was before the patch where they removed the audio reverb thing or whatever it was called. I know it was done to be removed infamous PTSD causing bang effect, but after that the audio quality took a hit. I use sound as a big part of my games. I can't look around the map 24/7 keeping tabs on every single troop I have, especially on bigger matches, So I use audio ques instead. But after the patch removed it, it has been way harder to do so.

Too many times I have lost troops because for some reason the game went almost dead silent, possibly that infamous bang noise trying to claw its way through hell back to the game. I don't know if it's just my end or if it's a widespread thing, but it has caused me to lose troops because of that brief silence. I notice my troops getting slaughtered too late before I can hit retreat because of me not getting a audio que of my men screaming about a Tiger tank molesting them with that 88mm gun. It doesn't happen too often but often enough for it to have become annoying.

And then we go on to my other part of this post (rant), the little visual things. You know like men rolling around in pain on the ground, or shooting at the enemy and having all kinds of reactions. Like doing a little sidestep, roll if they're prone (if they would be prone without being suppressed), grabbing their helmet, ducking from bullets. But no wait, that does not happen anymore. At least not for majority of your infantry. See I love little details like that, but for some reason Relic decided to remove these from majority of the troops. (not talking about the fancy mo-capped animations for SMG troops, they look great)

I still see some low tier units doing it, like SU Engineers. But if we look at the USF Riflemen for example, it just look ridiculous when they fire. They just stand there like a firing squad all perfectly lined up, with no reactions to enemy fire at all. And if they die from a mortar shell so many just have that crawl animation, and it looks really silly for every troop being able to crawl away from an explosion like that. There's no other "dying" animations, like in CoH 1. Remember those?

I still see them happening from time to time but very rarely and it seems only certain things make it happen. Not bullet wounds for example which I'd like to see. Dunno why Relic decided to remove these, the crawl animation is still there. Why remove all the other cool animations that you put in the game?

I think that's all I have to say and I hope Relic would add these back someday, unless they had some really good reason to remove them. Thanks for reading my little post that I wasted a good 15 minutes or so writing.


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