Commander Idea : "PanzerElite Doctrine"

5 years ago
MinaLeaMinaLea Posts: 3
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"PanzerElite Doctrine"

in ostfront, a hard winter storm and many soviet union soilders stand against the Wehrmacht. and that was great trial for german soliders. a lot of soviet mans and tanks comming too Whermacht, even the stand on the trials, german soliders really powerfull than ever seen.

"Grossdeutschland Grenadier"


reinforce cost - 32

weapons - Close Combat togle on : MP40 x 4
Close Combat togle off : Scoped Kar98k x 4

ability - Model 24 grenade
Close Combat togle

the Grossdeutschland Grenadier was Elite infantry of the Ostfront. they have no fear and have not mercy for allies force. the soviet soliders call them "Titans of the Ostfront" this Elite infantry can change their weapons, effective all range. it can called in very fast, and powerfull. but have no lmg upgrade.

"MG45 heavy machinegun team"


MG45 was deployed late WW2. another name is "MG42(V)" it was much better than normal mg42. powerfull fire power, cost, and weight. ("Whermacht Dshk position")

"Dusk of the Fatherland"

duration 60sec.

in WW2, German Officers have huge charisma for control their soldiers. a make an inflammatory pronouncement, every german soliders belive they can win. this ability effect is grown you have huge infantry army. (like USF sherman Radio Net Ability infantry version.)
can overlap 5 squad max. min 2. 60 sec.

BF109 "Anti Aircraft Engage"

duration 60sec.

two BF109 will attack allies Aircraft in the targeted area and quickly shut down. can't attack ground force. also two of BF109s have a sight, can use recon flight too.

"Panzer Division invasion"

duration 45sec.

3 of BF109s overflight the battle field and call in 2 panther and 1 tiger. you can control this units on 45 sec. (UKF air supremacy ground version.) at the ability time is over, the reinforced 2 panther and 1 tiger auto - withdraw from the battle field.

thanks for read.
feedbacks welcome!


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    5 years ago
    EvanielEvaniel Posts: 73

    Hmm, very interesting. New and unique abilities are always fun to see.

    Loving the Grenadiers that can toggle weapons, that's pretty nice.

    The machine gun....eeeh, the mg42 is already pretty solid. I just don;t see the need for it.

    Dusk of the Fatherland looks amazing. I like the name of it, too. Really, we could use abilities like "valiant assault" that could give German infantry an edge over the much better Allied infantry, especially for the Ostheer.

    The BF109 anti-aircraft is a no, sadly. It is horribly expensive and it just shoots down aircraft. It would be a lot easier to just get an ostwind or even a 222. What the Germans could use, however is an airstrike like the Allies have. 2 planes attack, one damages and suppresses infantry, the other knocks out tanks.

    The last ability is kind of worrying, really. How much can you really accomplish in 30 seconds? And those tanks would definitely be a suicide squad. I just... I'm having trouble seeing that work, honestly.

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    5 years ago
    Omid_HesamOmid_Hesam Islamic Republic of IRANPosts: 142
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    It,s one of the best Commander Idea and Commander portrait I ever seen.
    Good luck comrade and I hope to see your fantastic Commander In the game

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    5 years ago
    MinaLeaMinaLea Posts: 3
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    thanks for advise! I have change the post little

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    5 years ago
    kane20kane20 Posts: 17
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    I find the idea very good. This commander would for "OKW" good fit.

    The last variant "Panzer Division invasion" I would change. Better would be 1 Tiger, and 2 Grossdeutschland Grenadier squads so the Tiger infantry support has. And besides, it would be better that the units on the battlefield stay instead to retreat. ;)

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    5 years ago
    iA3 - HHiA3 - HH IRANPosts: 288
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    Very good idea, MG45 is prototype ?

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