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5 years ago
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Is it me or apart from one faction, being the soviets, all factions healing mechanisms are applied to the wrong faction. For instance, wehrmacht has the bunker upgrade, all good, but then they have grens vet 1 healing ability which seems out of place because if you skip the tier where you get grens you loose that option. And then usf having an ambulance? The usf shouldnt be able to set foward retreat points with major and ambulance, they are a pretty moble army they dont need help staying in the front line.
To solve this I suggest that we give wehrmacht a way of an agressive player healing in front line and that way is in the unit in their arsenal that has high potencial for that role, that unit being the SdKfz 251 half-track. Its a shame that people only use this unit for the flamethrower upgrade. Remove the gren vet healing and give this unit a vet 1 area of effect heal. This way if a player goes for a more defensive strat they can go gren tier and get a bunker in base or more in the general area they wish to hold and if a player wants to do a more agressive playstyle they would be able to skip gren tier and go straight to panzergrenadier and have the half-track do its job of reenforcing and healing infantry. Wehrmacht really needs this because they dont really have a way to stay in the front line reason being because they only have 4 man squads which if it looses one or two models needs to retreat.
For okw just remove the sturmpios medical supplies, its just silly that engineers can heal troops. Instead give volks a upgradable med kit with healing aura just like the brits have.
Speaking of brits, move the ambulance from usf to ukf since this way if the brit player goes for a more emplacement playstyle they can move the ambulance to the front line otherwise they could leave it at base, they shoulnt depend on infantry section healing.
And if you take away the usf abulance I would suggest giving them vet 1 healing like grens have at the moment but way cheaper, since its the only way they would have to heal. They should depend more on rifleman comparing to brits depending on infantry section. Rifleman are supposed to be the back bone of the usf.

I decided to post this here because as I was finishing writting this I noticed how this would change gameplay and therefore this would fall in the balance category.
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