Only Ostheer

5 years ago

Costs 360 Manpower 9 supply
The Soviet is a two-man squad. The vet 1 ability is a Flare nade.

Reload time 7.85
Cooldown time (F/N) 9.03 / 9.03
rate of fire around 8 seconds

Costs 360 Manpower 9 supply
The British sniper can request an artillery attack, can attack vehicles, is not affected by bad ground (snow water mud) and with the vet 1 ability he can inflict motor damage to light and in the case of medium and heavy tanks turns it the gun off.

Reload time 13.25
Cooldown time (F/N) 6.63 / 6.63
rate of fire around 7 seconds

Costs 360 Manpower 9 supply
The German vet 1 is a stun shot.

Reload time 6.88
Cooldown time (F/N) 7.25 / 7.25
rate of fire around 7 seconds

The Ostheer has mine marked with caution signs.

The Ostwind is not UP, but compared to Centaur or T70 or T34/76.

The abilities Designate Command Vehicle and vet 3 T70 have a similar effect as a vet 2 222 with spotting scope.


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