What to do after going T2 as OKW?

4 years ago
SquishyMuffinSquishyMu… Posts: 434
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Under my much better judgement of not putting this under 'General Discussion' I hope someone who reads the most recent discussions will chip in on tactics.

When playing OKW when I have a good advantage in terms of map control I sometimes go T2 and rush a luchs (depending on a whole host of factors). All well and good compounding your advantage but what do you do there after?

Do you back tech for healing and then wait for the Command Panther? It's what I/(most?) do. This is okay but it still gives the enemy enough time to get their own tank out/have plenty of AT that isn't tanks. And since the command panther isn't an AI killing machine it's interesting.

Could you possible go T3? But what about healing? Med packs could be the answer after the patch but now it's not possible right?

Or if you do not go Special operation for the command panther do you just tech up as usual knowing that you did some good early damage.

Just wondering what people tend to do.

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