Concerning the DBP Ostruppen Changes...

4 years ago

Since Ostruppen are now on a cooldown to spawn and have suffered various nerfs in the early game, I say let them have normal capping speed. They don't need to be slowed down further when they're already being limited so much in their spawns.

Also, Ostruppen with the MG42's appear to not be doing much more with the upgrade and this could be worked around if the upgrade was bumped from 45 muni to 60 muni, but gave a slight cover bonus accuracy. (Not nearly as much as they got before, but it would make sense given the doctrines reliance on cover) Also the idea that you need to wait until T4 in my opinion is far too late for Ostruppen to scale effectively. They are a doctrine-specific infantry unit that you are banking your survivability on so they should be getting MG's at T3 instead of T4. It's kind of silly that you can get a Panzer IV before you can get an MG42 in your Ostruppen squads. I'd say Ostruppen being restricted from getting a 2nd weapon in the squad is enough of a reason to account for this change. It's just a 6 man infantry squad that is meant to trade effectively behind cover and that's it. They're the worst infantry unit in the game if they're not behind cover. By the late game they lose all of this to Allied factions having double-LMG's on practically every squad.

So overall I am proposing this:

  • Ostruppen have default soldat capping speed, not pioneer capping speed
  • Ostruppen MG42 upgrade returning to 60 munitions cost in exchange for the MG getting a shared cover bonus
  • The MG upgrade on Ostruppen moving down to T3

Because of these changes:

  • Ostruppen being put on a cooldown the second the doctrine is locked on
  • The MG upgrade being added at T4 to help them scale against late game infantry (Which they don't)
  • Ostruppen being limited to only one weapon pickup at a time

Conclusion: Ostruppen doctrine used to win games by rushing important green cover points and overwhelming the Allied players until the Axis player could get an early Panzer IV and seal the game. With the recent changes in the DBP, the doctrine lost one of its major strengths which was "zerg rushing" so now something must be done to give Ostruppen doctrine strength throughout a match. I'm open to other people's suggestions and opinions. All of this is based on just my own testing with the DBP V2.0.


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    3 years ago
    HardyStyledHardyStyl… MoscowPosts: 24
    You want to make this unit operate like normal infantry, but they are not normsl infantry by their design. Main objective is to have capping power of the map, recrewing weapons and cheap meatshield that can be trown to contest points decapping for example. And in this patch they recieved some cool buffs that will increase their late game potential on this objectives. And still, they are not main infantry. Even on prev patch osttruppen spam was nearly uncounterable on some maps for UKF in early game when they had cover recieved accuracy bonus and sniper rifles on vet 3. They was used pretty good with sniper + mobile defence combo vs USF and they still are as far as I know.

    Your solution is to make main line infantry from them so they can be played in every game in every situation, this is not how things work. Learn to use them properly and you will see how good are they after DBP.
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    3 years ago

    I think of Ostruppen as US RE troops - they recrew, uncap or cap a lonely sector, but they were never meant to engage any frontline troops. Too many players remember units how they were pre-patch (Clown car, Kubel, Ost) and can't get over the nerf post-patch. It is what it is - just adapt and try another strategy. This game will punish you if you continue to rely on the same strategy and only that strategy.

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