First Tourney for me this Saturday 13th

3 years ago

So I have a question for those that have played coh 2 tournament before. My long time buddy who I have logged hundreds of hours with playing. Cant Join in. But I still am playing the tournament Saturday the 13th . Will they be putting teams together Saturday for stragglers or you must have your own 2 for a team? In this 2 v 2 tournament. Thanks guys


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    3 years ago

    I found out they are not doing the free agent sign up, so I need a Teammate for Saturday.

    Looking for a TEAMMATE for COH 2 this Saturday 13th 2v2 Revamp Commander Tourney. Really interested in playing. Can hold my own, have 637 hours logged in for coh 2, played more hours on coh 1 almost 1000. Have only recently been teaming up with players and playing online so far 5-1. Most all my experience is skirmish against computer. Please let me know. Steam name is Permastain. Name is Curtis Lochridge. email [email protected]


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