[2v2] Having trouble deafeat the; OKW + Wehrmacht combo

3 years ago

Me and my brother have some serious trouble defeating the mentioned combo. First we tried to 2x BTF but currently i am playing the soviets and my brother btf. They seem to be op because in min. 7 we have build up our little bases, we got 2 points but they are spamming with mortars now. and the infinatires from the OKW are protecting them really hard. When i try to kill them with my light tank the tank gets instantly shutten down by grenardeers and sturmpioneers with shreks and other things. so they are bombing us and it seems we can nothing do about it. Flanking sites are always best protected too and a sniper always gets rushed down after recently our mg gets killed by a mortar. Rushing in the beginning is not a option too because their stormpioneers are deafiting everything in combination with grenardeers. and in the beginning the Wehrmacht guys seems to always purchase the mortar to kill my infanteries even in the early. if my brother tries to rush them with the UC the grenardeers always have enough ammuntion to use the fausting ability.

BTF = british forces

So what is a counter against that Combination ?


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    3 years ago

    Hello Yumaa6,
    My friends and I were having a similar problem, but what we found out is that if you can keep pressure onto the enemy and also steal some of their support weapons, then you can probably be able to beat them. Hopefully this helped!

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    3 years ago

    oi this OKW can be easy countered, just play ivans and build bombs by the combat engies

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    3 years ago

    Mortar rush is pretty common tactic utilized by every faction which can get mortars fast (russians/UFC/Ost). Point is mortars sucks vs moving targets. Vs mortar spam forefit tight green covers in favour of space yellow ones and keep moving.

    Keep target priority and in the start of the game do not use single units coz sturmpioneers can catch up with them and shoot them down in no time. You need 1) awarness if you see them coming shoot them till they got at grenade range then start falling back and shoot them with 2) second unit. Shoot down sturmpioneers with 2 or more squads. If you face them alone better run.

    To beat the mortar fury you need to:
    a) win frontline with british sections and truckload of conscripts (toss a molotov/grenade at the MGs/greencover and make your wave spreaded thin as suppresion is AoE on targeted squad. SMOKE use SMOKE on HMGs and you dont even need to put the smoke on the MG just enough to run into the smoke and toss grenades/molotoves. Watch out for your units screaming GRENADE as Ost grenadiers grenade ability does not display counter and went off immiedietly after they preapare it (can be seen as one person stopping to load his gun with something big)
    b) contest and work down the front with sniper fire. Snipers are tricky bcs vs any decent player they need lot of attention [ 1) Never leave your sniper alone 2) use conscripts as spotters/meatshields 3) fall back (not retreat) after every shot ..... EVERY SHOT 4) keep focusing priority targets like HMGs and other low squad memebr units.
    c) respond in kind. While standard mortars are annoying soviets 120mm mortars are painful and one such squad have both better range and dmg output of 1.5 of the german one. Bait them to open fire on you units then bombard them with yours in artillery duel. British mortar is nice and due to awesome rate of fire (which is increased when mortar is garrisoned) can win duel with 2-3 german mortars AND can also set the smoke cover on HMGs

    Contrary to the newbies' belief light vehicles are not solution to everything. AEC is good vs other light vehicles but vs infantry he can only support. UC can be used at maximum rnage only bcs his armor is made of wet paper. Do not rush with it (but you can flank). Upgraded to MG his ability supress infantry after few rounds so you cna use it riding backwards to stop push.
    Russian ligt vehicles:
    transporter: use it with enginners+flamethroers to quickly BBQ HMGs from the side/in the buildings or fill them with storm squads and unload the 12 MACINE PISTOLS OF DOOM right behind the squad. Each have 2 grenade capacity so you can toss 4 in the span of 5-7 secs.
    t-70: Use it as mobile hmg/anti light vehicles gun at maximum range. Do not let anything come closer and vs static AT guns dont even bother (with ability to extended vision he works gr8 with the sniper)
    Su76: Lure and bait infantry then barrage them or HMGs or static AT with cover ground ability DO NOT let anything close to it. WHile not busy hammering barrage on some infantry use it like anti light vehicle sniper (he can hurt P4 too just run away after each shot.

    German lights:
    222 is t70 low health good armor shoot with AT gun/su76
    Luchs cannot harm vehicles and got trouble with green cover: rush it/shoot behind green cover/shoot it with the gun/su76
    Puma: cannot hit infantry so just use infantry. or su76 on Maximum sniper mode.

    If you wont go snipers/penals make sure you got ZiS gun as 4th/5th unit. Will screw light vehicles and can barrage like su76. Always have gun + grenades.

    Things you need absolutly need: anti tank grenades Penals got them after upgrade 9which also drops their anti infantry dmg by 40%), conscripts need them about 6-8 minute top and royal engineers have them built in. AT grenades are FOR DEFENCE (except for penal: russian caking lone vehicles and superheavies in late game).

    Protip: if u managed to win early and your sniper vetted to 1 use it as a spotter for zis/su76/mortars (behind any cover while not shooting snipers are invisible and 4 seconds after so you can walk from cover to cover). Best used with British 6 pounder which got UNHOLY range and is guarnteed to 2-3 shot enemy lights and 3-4 shot P4s. Remember it is smarter to start the fight with dealing hald dmg to enemy only tank than wait till it comes on it own terms (unless it is a trap ofc).

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