Soviet - 4vs4 - Soviet Industry or Urban Defense?

3 years ago

Hey guys,

I'm going to spend some (precious) supply on one of the above thought not quite sure which or if a complete different commander would be better.

4vs4 random most of the time, rarely 2vs2 team.

Those are the commanders i haven't unlocked until now.

Urban Defense
Soviet Industry
Armored Assault
Soviet Defense
Mechanized Support
NKVD Disruption
Advanced Warfare
Tank Hunter

If the answer seems clear to you go straight ahed.
For the undecided or those interested I'll share my thoughts.

Soviet Industry

I especially like the repair stations. They should boost the late game armor attack frequency.
Had also some very good experiences with Flamethrower KV-8.
Mixed feelings about Fuel Drop. Since it spawned in enemy base and as soon as axis have AA gets shot down before it can drop.
Crew repair should synergize well with repair stations, especially in late game which I face the most troubles.
KV-2 seems an Infantry shredder and infantry booster, so it seems KV-2 some SU-85 and few Katjuschas should be sufficient in lategame.

Urban Defense

Seems to be very good in 1vs1. (VonIvan uses it e.g.)
Forward HQ is really nice but can also be a own infantry grinder if Axis get arty.
45mm AT Gun seems very nice, since it complements the lack of AT with Penal builds.
Shock troops always good!
Cant say anything about traps.
KV-2 same as above.

Since I face a lot of troubles lategame as Soviet in 4vs4 (Arty and Call in Arty do death, Superior lategame units from axis) I also thought of

Armored Assault

Radio intercept can be quite a pain if everything the enemy builds get countered.
T34-85 could supply me with the lategame firepower im missing until now.
Crew repair same as obove.
IL-2 is a very nice call in to push the enemy back, seems to synergize well with vet 3 T-70.
I like IS-2 in a way since it is basically crap (no damage vs tanks) but gets fire priority from enemy. Sounds good if a pack of T34-85 is ready to do some shredding.

Thats it for now.

Let me know what you think.

Have a nice day! :smile:


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