Soviets Core Unit Changes

3 years ago

Hi everyone.
I looked at this information about the emergence of new commanders in fashion 4.0.
I certainly didn’t like the options with the Wehrmacht Core Unit Changes. Why?
Let's then and we will propose a change !?

Soviets Core Unit Changes
I think it is time to give the Soviet nation an advantage over the Enemy. First of all, we will talk about the USSR infantry:

Since I have been playing this game for a long time, I noticed that the Wehrmacht has a lot to do with improving weapons for infantry: Grenadiers, Panzergrenadiers and MG-42 machine gun. (They can improve disguise and G43). So why not do this to the Soviet nation?

1) "All Soviet commanders with Conscript Assault Package Upgrade" replaced by the "Red Army Assault Kit"

  • Conscript can arm up to three PPSh-41 and a fragmentation grenade opens (Price 60 ammo)
  • Penal Battalion can arm up to three PPSh-41 and open smoke ganata (Price 60 ammo)
  • Combat Engineers can arm up to 2-4 PPSh-41 and mine detectors or ROKS-3 Flamethrower can also arm themselves (Price 45 ammo)

2) "ALL Oorah ability!" Now it gives infantrymen an attack speed of 15% and accuracy of 10%, but they will be hit more often by them.

  • Available for Penal Battalion
  • Available for Partisan
  • Available for Guards Rifle Infantry
  • Available for Shock Troops

3) Penal Battalion

  • Change prices from 300 to 270
  • Available Merge ability
  • Available weapons PPSH-41 for 60 ammonia (which are available to the commanders for the conscript)
  • Reduce Target size to 10-15% (If Penal Battalion will be the same 300 price)
  • Remove PTRS-41
  • Regain the ability to "Oorah"

4) Trip Wire Flares Vet1 ability [Change]

Trip wire flares is not effective and not balanced. Since no one uses them. (Players do not use this ability by 55 -65%)

  • Remove Trip Wire Flares Vet1 ability
  • Added new ability 1 veterans.
    NKVD (Passive) = Now you will have a NKVD in the detachment which gives you: 20% training ability and -20% Suppression. Price 50 Ammo

5) Now we move on to vehicles:

  • SU-76
  • SU-85
  • T-34-76

5.1) SU-76

  • Increase damage from 120 to 160
  • Has the ability on / off "Barrage" (Increases the firing range by +30, vehicles are not mobile, the firing speed can be done like the "M1 75mm Pack Howitzer" or "7.5cm le.IG 18 Infantry Support Gun" with the ability turned on.)

5.2) SU-85

  • When you turn on "Focused Sight" increases the firing range to the maximum visibility of the enemy.

5.3) Т-34-76

  • Remove 1 vet Secure Mode
  • New "Battle Brothers" ability 1 veterans, Passive.
  • Member T-34 crews work together.
  • "Battle Brothers" = Reduces damage taken by 10% or After Ramming Manuever, the engine and gun do not break in the T-34


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    3 years ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921

    Ost Pzgren now has another gun option upgrade, still waiting for the day where Soviet has AI gun upgrade for core infantry.

    USF & Brit infantry are strong & get no change in nerfing down by take away double Bars/Bren ability. Instead giving more & more gun upgrade for Ost & Okw. What Cons have? Please at least buff their survival-bility so they can actual have early game advantage.

    I hope you note something about this image

    1) No idea
    2) Oohra on Penal will be insanely op if keep ATpackage
    3) No idea
    4) No idea
    5.1) SU76 is cheap that can abuse spamming it if buff its damage to 160, since it come at min 10
    5.2) SU85, as I remember at vet 3, its Sight gain to 80m, that will be similar range to Elephant. Thats insane too
    To optimize this ability
    In attack: usually my friend SU85 goes focus sight & hold fire while my 2Jacks are nearby also hold fire, get closer and 3 tanks shoot at a Panther then we immediately go reserve.That way you can deal damage & also keep in range.
    In scout: SU85 goes focus sight, does a rotation around to check enemy location for arty before attack.
    5.3) Reduce damage taken is not necessary, that will make T34 tougher than Sherman & Cromwell. They only need to replace Vet1 secure mode to "Not gun damaged after Ramming"

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    3 years ago

    Even if the changes proposed might not be the most balanced ones, it aroused as a reaction to the Wermacht recent heavy buffs and pleasants mechanics. for bringing heavier units in less time.

    Is no secret to anyone how strong they become after they get non-doctrinal upgrades for almost all their infantry units, leaving your Penals, Guard Troops and obviously Conscripts totally weak against them. So your options at that point in the game will most likely be to recruit nerfed mgs from your T2-HQ or ignore it and simply go for nerfed light tanks from your T3-HQ.

    Meanwhile, the Wehrmacht can now easily ignore a T2 HQ and simply rush a T3 for tanks, while building resources depots. They even decreased the Panzergrenadiers Pop cost from 9 to 8 ............................................... very fearsome unit.

    Useless Soviets Veterancy1 abilities:

    Secure mode:

    • Only the T-70 should still have it
    • Any other tank having this Vet1 ability is a mess

    Trip wire flares (Most outdated ability in the game)

    • Conscripts should have it replaced for an ability that grants them better defenses and fire of rate when entering in combat
    • Engineers as the name suggests should be able to build emplacements or have a % increased speed bonus when building HQs/mines/cashes as they increased their "knowledge" or "expertise" by leveling up to Veterancy1
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    3 years ago

    Btw, the SU-76mm should receive a buff to weapon reload or damage, or simply a -15 fuel cost reduction, now that its counterpart the StugII is getting buff. After all this Soviet tank got great nerfs the last time it was checked.

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    3 years ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    One of the simplest things that could be done to improve the Soviet faction would be to add a single DP-27 upgrade to Conscripts. This would improve their combat effectiveness dramatically, especially as they gained veterancy.

    A lot of the other ideas expressed above require drastic changes to the game and are very unlikely to happen. Even an idea as simple as replacing Trip Flares with something more useful seems unlikely given Relic's current mindset.

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