Walking Stuka consistency issue [SOLVED]

2 years ago

When it comes to 'consistency' of stock mobile indirect fire, katy>>>Walking Stuka in all formats of this game. Main reason being katy can bombard a single point (like VPs & fuels point) in repeated succession. While Stuka's single straight line of barrages are awfully consistent in terms of accuracy and more importantly timing.

Potential fix:

Fires katy-like barrage at a single point but limited to 3-4 bombs per barrage, but compensates with a bit quicker reload time. From 110 sec to 50 sec.

And, the straight line barrage can be give a role of special ability, that can used for 50 muni.

This change will improve wstuka's chances of being more consistent over time and make it worth getting. Even historically, wstukas are not know to barrage all of its bombs in one go and are know for it's accuracy to land atleast 1-2 bombs at a time on its targets.



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    2 years ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921
    edited April 2019

    Stuka comes at ~8mins, Kat come at ~14mins
    RNG god sometime a single Stuka rocket destroy a full health 320hp halftrack.
    Stuka fire in a single burst in 4sec and retreat, Katyusha fire in 4 burst, 4rockets per burst, 3sec cool down between each burst takes 12sec to fire.
    Stuka designed for emplacement, Katyusha designed for AI.
    => Kat should be compared to Pzwerfer

    Kat fire a total of 16 small rockets, has 90sec cooldown. You asked for 4 rocket per barage & 50sec cool down? Your suggest will never happens in game.

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