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2 years ago
ReichsgardeReichsgar… Bad Tolz, Bayern, GermanyPosts: 121

Greetings everyone!

I have recently come to a realization that OKW does not possess any non-doctrinal troop transport vehicles, limiting their abilities to move around the battlefield. I was thinking of making the SdKfz 250 available as a default half-track unit that can be produced from the starting HQ after building the first truck.

Please let me know what you think of this suggestion!



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    2 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    OKW doesn't have transports because of the high volume of automatic weapons. Can you imagine the terror in a med truck rush into 250 with sturms in it? No sir. Please no.
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    2 years ago
    SkysTheLimitSkysTheLi… Posts: 2,271
    USF doesn't have a non-doc one either
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    2 years ago
    Balanced_GamerBalanced_… Posts: 200

    I think it would be interesting if most factions could get transport vehicles. Maybe for OKW like the Opel Blitz truck which is harmless , that provides passive bonuses reload and decrease in ability cooldown for around 250 manpower and 10-20 fuel I believe. Provides unit resupply, can Transport 2 units. Bonuses that appeal also to vehicles

    It would be nice if USF maybe even UKF have something like that too. A transport vehicle that is harmless, but supposed to provide infantry with some kind of minor bonuses (for both infantry and vehicles) and unit resupply.

    Like comparing it to Wehrmacht Halftrack that can resupply units which is great. Has no bonuses provided because it is armed. Makes sense. I think something non doc for other factions would be nice.

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    2 years ago
    Balanced_GamerBalanced_… Posts: 200

    When I say transport unit vehicles, they should not be able to shoot from on top of the vehicle. Should remain hidden inside the transport vehicle. The OKW vehicle mentioned is in Feuersturm Doctrine. Something like that for other factions would be great!

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