sandbag ghosting

2 years ago
ankleankle Posts: 32
edited June 2019 in Campaign Discussion

why has this not been addressed yet? deploying sandbags behind vehicles like the bren to keep it in the line of fire, how has such a ridiculous exploit not been addressed yet?

sandbags disappear after a timer doesn't address this issue

if sandbags aren't completed they should be destroyed instantly by any vehicle

*sorry, wrong forum, this should be in general discussion


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    2 years ago
    ankleankle Posts: 32
    edited June 2019

    perhaps this is beyond the technical scope of patches

    another alternative solution is to not allow structures to be built within a certain distance from other units

    or perhaps sandbags don't block units until they are completed

    are there any consequences for users who engage in this exploit, will reporting them do anything?

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