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3 years ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan RussiaPosts: 133

Damage characteristics:

  • Combat Engineers = 16 Damage
  • Conscript = 12 Damage
  • Penal Battalion = 10 Damage
  • Guards Rifle Infantry = 16 Damage
    Penal Battalion:

  • I believe that the Penalties increased the damage to 16 or rate of fire.

  • Because Obersoldaten (OKW) is a low price, powerful squad, Players often spam them.
  • The creation of the Penalties was composed of the Killers, Betrayal and the Cowardice that the trained soldiers make up: Sergeant, Captains, etc. Therefore, they are experienced units and they need more damage (up to 16 damage).
  • I recommend to remove the improvement from them "PTRC-41" and add improvement Sergeant for 50 ammunition.
  • Sergeant: Improves accuracy by 20%, when a detachment takes cover, they shoot 30% faster and the cost is up to 20 in place 27.


  • After arming the “Assault Kit for Conscripts,” they can add a grenade to the Molotov Cocktail.
  • Hit the Dirt: It is necessary to remove, because with PPSH-41 and "Hit the Dirt" are not compatible.
  • I think you need to slightly change the "Mobile Reserve"?
    cause? Too long is done to T4, I think it is necessary to T3 or change the characteristics of the "Mobile Reserve".
    Mobile Reserve (If will change):

  • Reduce the requirement of affordable improvement from T4 to T3

  • The seventh man is armed with PPSh-41 (as we see him as a sergeant).
  • Remove the rate of fire by 30%.
  • Add accuracy by 25% and training ability by 25%


  • Т-70
  • Т-34-76/85
  • KV2
  • KV-8
  • IS-2
  • BM-13 "Katyusha"
  • SU-76
  • SU-85
  • ISU-152

Of all the listed vehicles, you need to change the characteristics URGENTLY! or in the future.

Damage distress and weak weapon requirement.

  • I present to you two tanks with different damage.
    T-70 = 40 Damage
    KV-8 = 80 Damage
    After all, they have a caliber of 45mm, so why different damage?

T-34-76 and T-34-85
With damage everything is clear, but why Penetration is small?
T-34-76 = 100 Penetration, Caliber 76mm
T-34-85 = 140 Penetration, Caliber 85mm
The T-34-85 has the same trunk as the SU-85 (the SU-85 Penetration = 230)

Heavy Equipment.
Now the strangest feature.
IS-2 = 160 damage, 230 Penetration.
ISU-152 = 240 damage, 230 Penetration
KV-2 = 240 Damage, 180 Penetration
of all listed I do not understand
Why IS-2, KV-2 and ISU-152 are bad damage, spreading splinters, etc.

According to the Idea, the IS-2 should deal 240 damage to 160. Because it is armed with a 122mm cannon.
According to the Idea, ISU-152 should deal 320-480 damage. Because she is armed with a 152mm cannon.
According to the Idea, KV-2 should deal 320-480 damage. Because she is armed with a 152mm cannon.

You ask, what's the point or not too much?
1) German tank "Sturmpanzer IV" Brummbär "" Strongly effective against infantry and its scatter shrapnel is greater than that of the KV-2
2) "Tiger" and "Elite Tiger" have 88mm gun and this is the norm, but the IS-2 has a 122mm gun so why should it have the same damage as the Tigers?
3) Why does "Jagdtiger B" do 300 damage if it has a 128mm gun, and ISU-152 does 240 and this is a little damage with 152mm.

Why is this tank the strangest in damage game?
At the beginning of 120 and on the second veterancy he is given +20 damage.
After all, he has a gun installed ZIS-3 (ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Field Gun in Support Weapon Kam.)

  • I think it is necessary to do so that the SU-76 has the same damage as the "ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Field Gun". (160 Damage)

Now we have reached the BM-13 "Katyusha".

  • Give Katša a special skill like "Panzerwerfer 42" and "SdKfz 251" Stuka zu Fuß ""
  • "Panzerwerfer 42" Can suppress infantry and destroy.
  • "SdKfz 251" Stuka zu Fuß "It can well destroy all objects only against medium and heavy tanks, it is not strong.
  • I think that the BM-13 "Katyusha", you need to give a special skill against the technology or a large salvo.
  • If you do against technology then here's the historicity. The Katyusha rocket launcher was equipped with a 132mm rocket and one rocket was equal to six RPG-40 anti-tank grenades. I think the BM-13 should be given the credibility of the 20% Penetration technique of any enemy tanks.
  • If you make a multiple salvo, then you need to make no more accuracy and more oblique (reduce accuracy by 20%).

I hope in a further change will be changed by the USSR ???



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