2v2 Masters Cup - Time to balance

2 years ago
javabaljavabal Posts: 88
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It's time for relic to see the difference. I saw all the games in this tournament that uploaded this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AECoH/playlists. There were 9 games in total, 7 wins for the axis and only 2 for the allies. There is a clear advantage in the axis armies. As you can see the superiority in infantry, in tanks and especially in artillery (with Panzerwerfer 42 and SdKfz 251 "Stuka"). OPEN THE EYES RELIC and make CoH2 cool again.


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    2 years ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 306

    Totally agree! and several players have been trying to make Relic realize it through the Balance Feedback section of this forum, but to be honest I know they won't balance the game for at least a year, after several buffs were given to Axis factions on the last major patch update.

    I personally barely play with Axis factions because they are very easy to win with that is not even fun. As you stated the game is quite unbalanced @javabal as you can now can recruit way faster Top tier infantry units and combine them with greater tank units for a chill advantage.

    I'm currently waitting for my monster PC gaming to arrive so I can try out recent games with tougher system requirements.

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    2 years ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921

    Its not just about the faction, but the faction design & play style. The starting position can impact on winning alot to me.

    Play style:
    I have a team of me and another friend as USF, one as Soviet, one as Brit. In 1 of 3 faction, only Brit can get MGs right away when the match start (while Axis has 50% chance with only 2 factions - Ost). Soviet go for Tier1 or Tier2 depends on more Ost (Tier1) or more Okw (Tier2) in enemy team. Im a flanker and the other USF is front line.

    In this map, the best position for us is the Brit at (1), closest to the town so he can put MGs in buildings. Im the flanker so I must be at (2) or (3) so I can go help wherever I want when a team mate needs, if the match sends me to (1) as the front line in town, or (4) as front line in forest, Im doomed. The Soviet and other USF can be either whichever place in the rest of positions.

    • The most failed starting position is me at (1), Brit at (4) so we dont have any MGs in town early. If Soviet is at (2) and go Tier2 for MGs in town, we will be doomed if the enemy have 2 Ost in town (which actually he needs to go for Tier1 for flame clown car).

    Faction design:
    In random match, if you're a Soviet and stay next to another Soviet, you have to look at them to either pick which Tier, so you pick the other. You play a game with your weapon teams that lack of Penal power, the other guy play a game that use Penal & lack of weapon teams. Its the same to USF, you have MGs and lack of ATgun, the USF team mate is vice versa. If you're a Soviet & next to you is a USF, you go for weapon team to support Riflemen, but if next to you is a Brit, you go for either Cons or Penals to screen Vickers. This cause alot team work required than the Axis that they have pretty much everything in their hand.


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