The M4A3 105mm Bulldozer tank's armor Didn't Patched As the Relic Said.

2 years ago
As you said.

M4A3 Assault Package

Unlocks Dozer Blade Upgrade and White Phosphorous shells ability to Sherman Tanks.

The dozer blade will now increase armor to be in-line with tanks such as the Sherman 105.
•M4A3 Sherman Tanks can now be upgraded with Dozer Blades. This now costs 50 manpower and 20 fuel.
•Now increases Sherman armour from 160/80 to 215/105.
•Health increase reamins the same (640 to 720)
•M4A3 Shermans can now fire a single WP shell at the target position for 20 munitions. Cooldown of 20 seconds

Data From : [성 요한의 구호소]

The Sherman 105's Armor Didn't United With Dozer Upgraded Sherman (75). It's Still 200/80
I Offer Relic must Readjust the Bulldozer 105mm Sherman's Armor as same as sherman(75) Dozer.
at now. Sherman dozer upgrade effect X1.35 armor for Sherman 75. so the armor became 216/108.
I think Sherman Bulldozer 105mm must be buffed to as same or slightly Higher than Sherman 75 Dozer I think(105 dozer doesn't have Max Speed bonus at all)

And Assualt engineer still written in in-game Tooltip as 280/7 but consumes 280/8.
Valentine Consumes 300/80/7 but Tooltip says 300/12 so we can call in not until 93/100 of pop cap. we can call in until just 88/100 of pop cap.
I think these must be adjusted Right.

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