New Okw performance is to bad to play this game

2 years ago

The new Okw Performance is so bad, i wanne kill my self. the okw Headquarter are so bad now i would rater have base build like Wehrmacht. you have luck wen youre tank Headquarters survived to eaven build a tank. Okw Needs a big Change. i loved this game befor the update no i just Feeling sad and angry playing a game that was for so Longe the best game for i now. but now ist runned.


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    2 years ago
    Patrol_OmegaPatrol_Om… Posts: 306
    edited September 2019

    Welcome to the hard life of Allied factions.
    Tip #1
    Now if you analyze properly you will notice that they exchanged moreover -20mp at the start of the match and and slight increase to volks MP price, both very much needed as it was an abuse how they could hard rush with 3 squads in the very first minutes from the game. However, they lowered the price of fuel for several units, so you need to find the hint now.

    tip #2
    Don't just rush like a mad man your T4HQ next to key resources early into the game, as you can not longer secure it for free so easily as before. Now the game is requesting you to think where to place it, combined with at what time you place it.

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    2 years ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,681

    Congrats on mad paint skills.
    Now, L2P.

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    2 years ago

    Lol? Just stop build it on the frontline. Or enemies not teached you yet? Schwer isn't frontline building. Use your battle expirience. CoH is strategical game. So, start training your skills and strategic vision. Safe position for this HQ - at your base. For more profit - defended from flank and without enemy's line of sight. But best - in the center of map at rear lines. Balance of effectiveness\risk. Yup, trying to look like a smartboy.

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