OKW Panzerfusiliers

2 years ago

Since the last update OKW Panzerfusiliers have been made far too broken for their own good, they start with AT nades which negate any sort of M3/WC jeep rush, cost 25 to reinforce (same as rear echelons) get flares stock, can force Riflemen with BARs off with their G43s which also turns them into 6 man squads, has ridiculously good scaling for a mainline infantry unit and has an anti tank upgrade that allows the OKW to have the most efficient AT infantry in the game without any real drawbacks (every other schreck squad has only 4 men per squad and are expensive to reinforce). There is no unit that is as cost effective as the Panzerfusiliers right now and when this is coupled with the raketen changes and cheaper Obersoldaten really makes me wonder how the Allies (especially the Soviets) can cope with this, and as a person that plays a decent bit of allies, its just plain frustrating to see.

To start these guys should reinforce for at least 26 or 27 per model, have their G43 upgrade cost reverted back to 90 munitions and have their accuracy and RA scaled back like what the balance team did with the volks, overly cost effective OKW infantry roflstomping allied infantry has been a perennial problem in this game and it pisses me off to no end that fusiliers can just snipe MG squads that are supposed to counter them or wipe full health squads on retreat.

Am I the only one that thinks this? Am I doing something wrong?



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    2 years ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921
    I made a topic about "what makes a core infantry"

    I think the problem from them is their ATnade, same with Fallschrim, that make them replace Volk. Being decent at AI with ATnade in hand that not allow tank to rush in. (I dont know why many Axis players say ATnade isnt a problem when it can engine damage tanks, which most of the time confirm its death if there is an ATgun nearby)

    Look into Ost, Stormtrooper doesnt have ATnade, eventhough they have a Shreck, but also mean they drop 25% power, which is not reliable compared to Pzfusillier and Fall.

    Riflenade explosive, ATnade, Pzfusillier is just Gren Gs43 with 6men with potent to reach 5vet. The balance isnt just between Axis and Allies. If you look between Ost vs Okw, its also ridiculous.
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    2 years ago
    When Playing okw I would easily choose panzerfusiller with double shrecks freeing up sturmpioneer to have repair package which are then still able to fight when put away.

    Shrecks I think are more cost effective than raketens and well worth the upgrade at the cost of loseing faust.

    Sturmpioneer are to expensive to have just 1 shreck and then also lack ai makeing them not great at either role which is why I would quickly use panzerfusiller.

    I had 2 panzerfusiller squads almost 1 shot a su85 from their max range all 4 shrecks hit the front though of course the su got away with a sliver of hp. I would need 3-4 raketenwerfer to do the same that are also unable to fight infantry at all and need to set up/ difficult to give chase not worth 290 manpower (maybe better vs usf but not Soviets and british heavier armor.)

    Storm troopers being able to pop out of building is ok but but I dont find them as effective as fallsirmjager that can faust rocket trucks and throw bundle grenades behinde enemy lines and later get weapon upgrade and vet smoke.

    Maybe if stormtrooper came equipped with a shreck like Soviets partisan tank hunters but even then idk really they might just be like okw sturmpioneer not good at AT or AI roles as they are when paying for the upgrade now when you could just easily get panzergrens with double shreck even if they are slightly more expensive they have a defined role.
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    2 years ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921
    Beside without ATnade, Storm doesnt have explosive grenade, which also make them inferior to Fall even if they dont upgrade schreck.

    And youre right, Fusilier either replace Volk with 6men Gs43, or replace for Sturm with x2 Shreck. Okw infantry always have no downside upgrade, unlike Ost.
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