[Soviet][USSR] Balance by the USSR vs Axis

3 years ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan RussiaPosts: 133
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Hello dear players and administration of "Relic".
after the renewal of new commanders and the change of balances from the USSR against the Axis. I want to list the developers from you for a future game update. (Without upholstered with you. I just want balance)

At this moment, problems remain with:
1) Conscripts Mobilize Reserves change the improvement!
2) Airborne Guards Change Characteristics and Ability!
3) T-34- (76 and 85) to change characteristics, ability and give them improvement!
4) Commissioner to change abilities!
5) Change your commanding abilities!

Well then, we will begin to discuss with you.
1) Conscripts Mobilize Reserves is very cool, but why access to weapons is disabled: SVT-40, PPSh-41 and PTRS-41. If Mobilize Reserves is the addition of 1 sergeant in the squad, but not among them other weapons.

  • I think that Mobilize Reserves needs more work on this.
  • I believe that it is necessary to remove the reduction in the cost of replenishment of the detachment and replace their first-aid kit.
  • I believe that other units should be added to the Mobile Reserve: Penal Battalion, Guards Rifle Infantry, Shock Troops and Combat Engineers.

2) Now we'll talk about Airborne Guards.
This infantry is not very effective against infantry.

  • The cost of Airborne Guards does not meet. According to information, they cost 360 manpower, and in the game 380 manpower.
  • If this is a type of elite Airborne Guards, then why from SVT-40 do 10 damage and not 16 damage?
  • Available at 3 CP. I think you need to reduce to 1. Why?
    There is no aircraft that ask for them. Not all maps have a building. For example Forests, Mountains and other places.

  • Recent update from Fallschirmjaeger.
    They are considered the most elite infantry, but at the same time they are cheap and reduced to 2 CP. I believe that it is not fair to make powerful infantry, but at the same time reduce the cost.
    That's why you need to balance the Airborne Guards.

  • Change the characteristics of SVT-40 (Increase damage and rate of fire)

  • Change the abilities of Airborne Guards: Add an anti-tank grenade so that everyone is waiting for grenades on equipment or an anti-tank explosion package.

3) Fuh .... now we'll talk about the T-34 (76 and 85). I and the players believe that they need to be improved, otherwise why is the only tank not getting better than other nations?

  • I believe that the T-34 (all) give some sort of improvement? I’ve been doing a poll for the future update of T-34 tanks.
  • Give an improvement to "Shielded." Increases tank defense by 25%.
  • Give an improvement to "OT-34." Now the machine gun body replaces the flamethrower. Increases effectiveness against infantry and building.
  • Change the ability of the T-34 capture mode to an improved Ram. To no longer break the main guns of the T-34

4) Commissioner Squad
Need to add them to commanding ability for example?
Replace Radio Interception with Commissioner Squad.
Why? Radio interception does not work very well, they do not have time to trace the information: Who? Who was called?
Now further

  • Change two abilities: “Not One Step Back” and “Hold the Line” to a permanent ability like an Aura for infantry.
    When clicking any of them:

  • "Hold the Line" = turns on the aura for 20-30 seconds. cost up to 20 Munitions

  • "Not One Step Back" = turns on the aura for 20-30 seconds. cost up to 20 Munitions

5) Now lastly.
It is necessary to change the characteristics of the Soviet commanders:
information here. https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/246086/would-you-like-to-see-in-the-future-updated-commanders-of-the-ussr#latest

Dear players and administrations, please comment on what you would like or add a change.
And please do not block or move "my survey". Thanks for your attention. Waiting for your comments.

[Soviet][USSR] Balance by the USSR vs Axis 6 votes

Yes, I would like to see the best side of the USSR
Naya_TyanmustangbronyWhere_is_Balance 3 votes
No, I did not want to see the better side of the USSR
BaálthazorMorisSkazz 3 votes
Abstain from voting
Let Developers Decide


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    3 years ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921
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    Adding 1 more men to CombatEng is ok, but with Penal, Shock, Guard will be too much.

    AirGuard, as I remember, they're most likely Shock that come from behind to line. Any squad pop out from the building always has higher cost. But one thing about the commander is having AirGuard with smg, and Penal Ppsh is really redundant.

    T34/76 can be as their current state, nothing need to be changed. But T34/76 abilities should have some improvement. All Soviet still wait for the day T34/85 replace vet1 cap point to Ram without disable main gun. Unlike 76, they're 90fuel. 85 version is 130fuel, should not have the same Ram effective as 76

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    3 years ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 77
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    No, I did not want to see the better side of the USSR

    What you offer too much. The continuous reinforcement of all armies is not a good trend. For the axis, it was the best decision to remove panzerfaust and grenades from some units. Reduce the number of panzershrek and automatic weapons. This better reflected the balance of the game than to build up the power of the armies.

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    3 years ago
    FreeSpeechFreeSpeech Posts: 104
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    Nice effort - Naya_Tyan. :)
    Some remarks. There is no USSR. USSR is post WW2.
    But Balance-Team does not comment here. They are just too busy to find new content and new bugs. So good ideas will only make it, if you refer to 1vs1 or 2vs2. All other comments are just in vain.

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