[COH:TOV][Wehr] Give buff.

2 years ago
MecaTaMecaTa Posts: 5
edited October 2019 in Balance Feedback

General Infantry: Reduced Sniper damage in Veteran 3.
-Counterattack against sniper spam.
-Shoot 8 times to wipe out the Grenadier squad for maximum health.

Volksgrenadier: Slow capture and poor combat. Also owned by engineers. The MP40 upgrade does not have a heavy weapon slot.
-Reduce manpower and secure heavy weapon slots.
-Increased detection range 1-> 3m in Veteran 3.

Officer: Why can only one team produce? Observation fire is much weaker than other shells. It is not worth 150 bullets.
-Increasing production components,
-Improved observation shelling.

Heavy Teams: Reduced installation time by 0.5 seconds in Veteran 3.
-The heavy weapons team is still not used well.

Sdk251 Flammenwerfer: useless.
In Tier 3, it is not possible to play since the vehicle is already available.
Flammenwerfer, Walking Stuka: Equipped with a forward machine gun from Veteran 2.

Motorcycle: It explodes so easily that 180 manpower is too expensive. Jeep is much stronger but only 40.
Veterans are not effective. Jeep is speeding up.
-Reduced manpower consumption.

Medikit: Reduced ammo consumption. Reduce or eliminate speed penalty. Useless.

Goliath: Reduced ammo consumption. Bullet 125 is excessive for its function.



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    2 years ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 77

    You still haven’t explained what the "uselessness" is.
    If a sniper is causing problems for you, make your own sniper or 222. You don’t just have to sit and do nothing while waiting for the Tiger

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    2 years ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,681

    Or, you could just learn to play in ranked and if you do skirmish(because it looks like you do), just lower difficulty, bam, all your problems solved!

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    2 years ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921

    Yay, another learn to play, try this, problem solved advice

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    2 years ago
    MecaTaMecaTa Posts: 5

    Airborne with sniper. 90mm good against vehicle and tank.
    more 2v2 brit inf spam with sniper.

    inf vet2 gain sniper acc penalty +300%
    inf vet3 add health 20%

    If your opponent does not shoot Medics, you are right.
    In rank games, everyone shoots Medics. And shoot the repairman.

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    2 years ago
    MecaTaMecaTa Posts: 5

    sdk 251 Flamethrower timing is ready for anti-tank guns or sticky bombs.
    130 oils are needed to reach this timing as quickly as possible.
    An additional 75 bullets are required.

    sdk251 Flamethrower has a short range.
    sdk251 Flamethrowers are directly at risk.
    sdk251 Flamethrower has low health and defense.
    sdk251 Flamethrower has no control over it.

    The United States needs 120 oils to reach the M8 armored car. Anti-tank guns are ready at the same time.
    Sticky bombs require less than 40 oils.
    Suspending bombs damage engines. Slowing down and restoring it must be completely repaired.

    The sdk251/16 is equipped with two flamethrowers and one MG. There is no MG in this game.

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    2 years ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921

    I guess M8 here is Stuart.
    Unit compare
    FlameHT is AI halftrack ; Stuart is AT light tank. Cant compare those two.

    Tech cost compare
    Tier1 10fuel + Phase1 40fuel + Tier2 20fuel + FlameHT 30fuel = 100fuel
    Lieu tech 35fuel + MechaLieu tech 20fuel + Stuart 70fuel = 125fuel

    Tech effectiveness
    By reaching to Tier2, Weh has grenade, weapon upgrade, sticky bomb, ATgun.

    If USF want that sticky bomb, they require Grenade tech 15fuel
    If USF want that ATgun, they require Captain tech 35fuel
    Bring in total of 175fuel
    And they dont even have weapon upgrade. after those fuel payment

    What you need to know
    USF must either pick Lieu tech or Captain tech to get their Sherman as the same time as Pz4. Lieu tech come with MGs; Utility car; Stuart. Captain tech come with ATgun; supportgun ; AAHT

    Stuart doesnt come together with ATgun; AAHT doesnt come together with MGs.
    If that actually happen, your Pz4 come in the field at least 1min earlier than Sherman.
    If USF infantry has weapon & grenade, Pz4 come in the field another 1min earlier.

    USF units are all hard hitting, but USF tech has massive flaw, exploit it by understand their tech.

    I've seen a player spam Puma killing Sherman with ease because USF pick Lieu tech, which no ATgun. Or 2 ATguns crawl behind 3-4 infantry squad when USF pick Cap tech, which ATguns deny AAHT while no MGs to stop infantry.

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    2 years ago
    MecaTaMecaTa Posts: 5

    Well It is COH: TOV. Not COH2.

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    2 years ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,681
    edited October 2019

    @MecaTa said:
    Well It is COH: TOV. Not COH2.

    Bad news for you then - CoH1 is not supported for at least 8 years now and there will be no changes to it.
    Not even CoH1 forum exists anymore, this is CoH2 forum.

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    2 years ago
    MecaTaMecaTa Posts: 5

    They redirect this forum.

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    2 years ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,681

    @MecaTa said:
    They redirect this forum.

    Yeah, I know, but still, CoH1 forums do not exist anymore, they don't even have a sub section here, the next thing that'll be done to CoH1 ever is turning off the servers, there will never be any update.

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