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  1. Scavenge Doctrine:
  • Remove Ostwind, Jaeger Infantry, Infiltration Tactics, 105mm Howitzer Barrage.

  • Add Accrue Loses (originally from Firestorm), Double Sherman Tank Call In, Opel Blitz (new variant that can siphon resources off enemy points), Hull Down.

Final List: Thorough Salvage, Hull Down, Opel Blitz, Accrue Loses, Double Sherman Tank Call In.

Reasoning: A scavenge doctrine should focus on scavenging. I believe this better fits the theme of gathering and using resources.

  1. Elite Armored Doctrine:
  • Replace Sturmtiger with Command Panther (comes with tank commander by default, no pintle upgrade).

Reasoning: Because this unit buffs armor it makes more sense in this doctrine. The Sturmtiger just feels random in this commander.

  1. Special Operation:

Still thinking about this one, but some ideas...

  • Remove Infiltration Tactics, Infrared stG44 Package, Artillery Flares, and Command Panther.

  • Add Radio Intercept, Goliath, German Commandos Call In, and Sturm Tiger Call In.

German Commandos will be a new stealth troop that can rapidly lay mines, booby stun traps, trip wire flares, and mark targets from behind enemy lines. These units will not be very strong in combat by default but be more about causing annoyance to your enemy. They will have stealth capabilities like the sniper, being able to move while cloaked outside of cover for a few seconds. At vet 1 they gain a short sprint ability to make them even more annoying to catch.

Final List: Radio Silence, Radio Intercept, Goliath, Commandos, Sturmtiger.

Reasoning: The first 4 abilities actually fit in special operations tactics. The Sturmtiger is a good addition because it's a niche unit and is a humorous unit to use when the infiltration tactics fail...

What do you guys think?

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