(All)Some commander ability need to rework

3 years ago
Assault Guards ——When got enough CP,also allow build in T0,and replace some Commander's shock trooper
Paritsan——Reinforcement need more cheap
Consript PPsh Package——Also can be upgrade for Penal
Rapid Conscription——Remove this ability,replace by For the Motherland
Consript repair kit——Replace by Crew repair training
B4——Replace some ML20,for more Commander

Cargo Truck——increase cost and can work for all player
Commander P4——Rework,model replace by P4J,and when upgrade will have more buff for aura like command panther
Ostruppen——Remove accuracy debuff and in cover buff,change it like Consript
Relief Infantry——Remove this ability,and replace by some buff like For the fatherland or Valiant Assault

Airdrop Combat Group——When got enough CP,allow build Airborne Support Group in T0
Advance Infantry Equipment——bundle Fire UP! and flare
Flamethrowe——replace by assault engineer

Breakthrough——also increase infantry speed when active
Assault Package——bundle ober IRstg and Volks MP40
Incendiary munitions——bundle mortar incendiary barrage and SP Flamethrowe
Field Defenses——allow upgrade medic and command bunker like ost
Hetzer——reduce cost to 75 fuel
Thorough salvage——rework,allow OKW build cache
StormTiger——rework be medium ranger one shot artillery,like USF colliope

Improve Fortification——upgrade cost change to 100MP and 30 Ammo
Glider——all glider can be repair
Commander Vehicle——remove debuff,only can designate medium and heavy tank
Resupply HT——drop weapon no need unlock racks
Avre——rework be UKF's KV2


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    2 years ago
    FaxFax Posts: 96

    I like most of these suggestions

    Specially the Commander P4 which mostly sits there giving aura but not of significant damage on combat and the Assault Guards, the truck only comes with 1 squad and should be able to build in base after the first call in either you just waste fuel for 1 squad

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