Stg 44 Infrared = No Brainer?

2 years ago

Just wanted to open up discussion, regarding the fact that this balance patch has come out, and regarding weapon upgrades, this might the last and for a long time, biggest pain in the butt upgrade for everyone, except the person playing them, ofc...

Obersoldaten in their natural state are generally strong, have armor, higher health and higher cost, alongside good accuracy, bundle grenade and overally strong performance on the battlefield, combined with strong veterancy bonuses...

Now the main question is, why does an upgrade like this exist, that makes them viable on almost all ranges?
I understand the STG with infrared should be more accurate than one on panzergrens, but:

-Weapon inevitably deals more damage even to units in cover
-Weapon had different range scaling, I would say it is good on long range as a solid rifle unit
-Short medium range is literally a shredder
-Weapon for the cost is highly over performing

Now I know this might sound as a hate towards an upgrade, but I've tried it, and it is ridicolously effective... Frankly I would say anyone can learn how to play them since its given on already tanky unit so its quite forgiveable and generally OP weapon upgrade...

And what makes it even worse, the fact it detects both Satchel Charge traps, Demolition charge bombs (tehnically same thing just name) from stealth, and squad equipped with it can't also be suprised by something like Commandoes from stealth, makes the unit uncounterable and tactical play resistant as a squad...

For starters, in my opinion, this detect stealth units* needs to go... Since even if this existed historically it would NEVER EVER and historians would agree be so effective on battlefield and more certainly shouldn't exist in a game with stealth mechanics...


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