Wehr Ambush Training commander ability also for pioneer squads

1 year ago

Dear all,

In order to bring some more consistency and fun to the Ambush Training commander ability I would like to request to look into adding this ability to pioners suads to (as this is the only unit next to mortars - for obvious reasons- that is not affected by this ability). now only mg's, grens and Pgrens have this option. It would be great to be able to hide pioners in cover with teh cammovlage to keep them out of harms way or as an active fighting unit be able to help ambushing with the rest of squads.

Additionally it would be great if Ambush Training could also be used as an upgrade on PAK40 AT guns in the same way as its soviet counterpart with teh shock rfle infantry commander. Though that is a different discussion all together. For now I would like to discuss adding the Ambush Training upgrade to pioneer squads.


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    1 year ago
    I could see pioneers with ambush to try and make use of close range guns interesting idea.

    Pioneers do have greater sight range though than any other engineer squad useful to scout ahead for machine gun crews and at guns so idk this could be a bit much if they were In the right place and camouflaged.
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    1 year ago
    lordpeter3lordpeter3 Posts: 347

    Indeed, then they will be a great spotting unit. Since Ambush Training is only part of arty doctrines, this could actally be a cool an usefull ability for the rest of the doctrine!

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