I am new have a huge problem with both Axis factions.

1 year ago

So i have around 80 hrs in this game, I planed to play UKF but I am constantly loosing games, even tho I find British rly fun to play and rly cool, i will probably change to WRM because they just seem broken to me and honestly I find them rly easy to play. Even tho i did not play a lot of games with them.

Today I had 1v1 game where I played rly well, I think I never played good like that with UKF, I was playing vs Wehrmacht and it went rly good, I wiped multiple of his squads at the start, got control over 2 points I held for huge % of the round. Guy was just throwing his granadiers at me non stop pushing them to retreat because I had 3 HMG and bofor that covered 2 VP, I took control over both fuel points and held for decent ammount of time, I tried to push further into his base but I could not because of the bunkers so I just chose to save my units, I knew panthers were coming so I built 4 AT guns, and position them on one of the points.

And then around 500-250 I saw first panther, took it down but I lost one of my squads to it because they seem to melt squads of infantry much better then anything i played with Allied factions, ok not a big deal I lost just one squad he lost over 10 I thought oh boy was I wrong, in just 4 mintes there were 2 panthers on map, and from that point on I could do nothing to that player anymore, my AT feel like nerf guns when they shoot at this panthers, I lost all 4 of them because I wanted to chase for a panther kill panther that took almost 10 rounds and did not loose health because it did not penetrate armor 10 rounds I am not kidding by the way I was frustrated to that point that I went with my ATs so deep into his base just to take that one panther down, It survived everything, this 2 panthers managed to run away so many times with literally one hp and that for some reason always happens with panthers. DO they get some kind of armor buff when they are running or when they are low what is going on there? Not to mention my tanks die so easy, I built firefly it died from 3 hits 1 from panther and 2 from granadiers, Like why is difference between at options for allies so bad compared to germans.

So after I lost my squads multiple times and lost almost all of my points I just surrendered. When I looked at graphs I was so frustrated, I had almost 80 kills more then him, I made 20000 more damage. Mind that I lost multiple squads just to his Panthers so i was almost 120 130 kills more then him when he produced first panther because as I said dude was just throwing his units at me like I thought Soviets

This is a bit of a rant but I rly love this game and it is just demoralizing when I lose like that vs somebody who just rushed his to my HMG and bofor for 20 minutes and did not get punished for that.

This was one of few games I managed to get out of early game feeling like I am about to win, I am getting better at the game I can see that but I truly do not know what I can do to defeat Axis in 1v1.

If anybody can point me to some tactic or build I can follow to defeat germans. And please when I read forums in general people are constantly saying something like oh build HMG, oh build mines I did everything of that this game, and yet I still lost the game because of 2 panthers and nothing more. Not to mention if I build more Hmgs then Tommies as UKF, i do not have option to expand on the map, I can lock down a sector but I cant advance to take stratigic points and I will lose early game and then you can just surrender.

And do UKF even stand a chance in 1v1 should I play 1v1 at all with them, other mods I feel like they are fine in them, especially if you work with other UKF player to build bofors in key locations, but in 1v1 I just feel powerless by the end of the game.


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