Winter Balance Update: Preview Mod Notes and Feedback Thread

1 year ago
Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 299 admin

Preview Mod 1.0 is live!

Here are the preview notes:

Here is the link to the steam mod:

We really encourage players to playtest these changes. Playtest feedback is the most useful for the team.

The balance team will be actively assessing feedback here. Please note that the team will not be able to respond to all comments, but will be observing and surfacing feedback and trends for discussion.



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    GeneralIlareneGGeneralIl… Baguette's countryPosts: 420
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    Good news, really happy to see this game being supported after all these years. As early feedback regarding the patch and other changes that might make it:
    -There are more squads that need to have their formation changed. To me Us para need a change (2 in front 4 behind)
    -Bungle nades/light gammon bombs are too lethal imo, it's ok to reduce it's range but the frustration comes from it being overpunishing as it wipes squads out of cover and taking so much hp away when your squad is in cover (or wipe it in trench). Lss to me they just do too much dmg.
    -idk if you can revert that thing where you try to place a bulding/emplacement/hq... and you can't see it unless it's correctly placed
    -i hope there's another unused icon somewhere for manual reload.

    -HQ glinder no longer gives units on landing since last update so i suggest to remove it's population of 9 to call-in (it's just a requirement, it doesn't increase the popcount).

    -UK sniper still kinda sucks and has bad veterancys. Sometimes it takes way too long to shoot for x,y,z, the flare ability has still the bug where it goes into conflict with a shot animation. Rework it because it could at least match other snipers in the game at vet 3. It woud be great to improve this unit with this update.

    -regarding bofor/aec exclusivity: really great that said bofors are more potent than bunkers. As a suggestion you could make bofors like a panzer hq lite, limited to one, more hp but no brace , no deconstruct, no pop cap. As it is you can spam bofors to lock down sectors and not being completely destroyed for not going aec.

    -RE could loose their vickers; doesn't really makes sense anymore if they don't loose speed with the HP upgrade.

    -Idk the general feeling with valentine but it seems quite out of place in the game as it is. It's very much similar with AEC (cost, pop, size etc)
    but it comes later, it's slower (and feels slow when the trend is tank gets faster -from tiger to centaur right now), bit more expensive, can't use it's smoke ability on the move, has better sight only at vet1 with scopes on when AEC has a really good sight at vet 2 and doesn't need to disable it's main gun. It's ability requires a sexton witch is quite an heavy requirement and only really allows you to trade recharge time for amunitions witch isn't like the one ultimate ability.
    Lss it could use a rework because it no longer serve as a skipped aec .

    -Imo puma need more changes; it's potency wasn't just self spotting, it also is the mix of high speed, high range, high rate of fire, smoke, realiable pen and accuracy, good damage and aimed shot. That's why you can counter medium tanks and everything below with ease.
    -Rifle nade still need a fuse like any other grenades specially those that have the same range and long animations.
    -smine build time was always ridiculously fast imo
    -i still hope to see fallschirmjager into Ostheer

    -Please change the snare hotkey. X is far worse than C (eu keyboard).
    -Imo snare still need work; i find it still kinda unresponsive at times and i would replace it by UK snare basically.
    -m15 manual reload icon isn't there
    -US Officers : they could be reworked to be more usefull i guess. Lt being RM with a worse vet 3, cpt is a bit meh.
    -Maybe give ambulance hull down and a straight hp buff rather than an HQ bonus. The fact it can still be one shot if you dare to use it on the field isn't a great mechanic.

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    M7 priest creep barrage and normal barrage has different cold down. You can use them alternately.

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    mrpeedmrpeed Posts: 51
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    Soviet suggestions:

    1. Have Zis and SU-76 barrage cool down start after the barrage like howitzers (if it's not already).
    2. Make barrage reload for Zis and SU-76 both 2.5 seconds.
    3. Make barrage for SU-76 free to give it more utility (but remove any vet cool down bonuses if there are any).
    4. Reduce Conscript cost to 235.
    5. Reduce all Soviet weapon teams by 1 man.
    6. Make Soviet Engineers 5 man, but increase cost to 200.
    7. Replace Katyusha Creeping Barrage ability with a Saturation Fire ability; fires 8 rockets in quick succession.
    8. Change Tracking ability of Zis and SU-85 to keep a unit revealed in the fog of war for several seconds after receiving a penetration shot.

    Wehrmacht suggestions:

    1. Remove suppression from Panzerwerfer vet 1 ability.

    British suggestions:

    1. Reduce the Comets armor, cost, and its health to 800. I feel like it should function more like a premium Cromwell (as the T34-85 does to the T34-76), rather than a pseudo heavy tank. This will also help the Churchill stand out more as a heavy tank option.

    2. Remove bolster upgrade, but make Sappers 5 men by default and increase their cost slightly.

    3. Give the heavy mortar barrage ability of the Mortar Pit and munitions cost.

    Sniper side note:

    I think Snipers cost should remain 360. They will still be strong with a spotter and a cheaper cost may only make them more spamable.

    Just some initial ideas from play test. Though some of these maybe out there I'd figure I would mention.

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    I don't know why I expected actual balancing from this.
    Right now it is more nerfs to something decent allies have and buffing something good axis already has.

    Here are some of my thoughts:

    1. Move all 0CP call-in infantry to 1 CP.
    2. Mirror field artillery nerf so OKW one will also be nerfed since those two perform the same.
    3. Rework bundle grenades to be more of a grenade and less of a pocket nuke. You can dodge the thing only if you start moving out precisely at the moment it is thrown. Otherwise it consistently blows-up half of your squad. Given which units have this ability it is too effective.
    4. Add limits to heavy TD call-ins in team games(1-2 per team) and buff ISU to be actual TD and not a joke.
    5. Increase vet exp for Elefant. At vet 3 it can easily replace a couple of paks\stugs by it's effectiveness. It should be more difficult to get there.
    6. Unify drop chance for all slot weapons across the board.
    7. Just give grens a 5-th man upgrade like brits have. There's no need to invent something that's already there.
    8. Beef up tommies at vet 3. Late game they are virtually useless against their peers.
    9. Get brummbar the same\similar aoe cap as suggested for t70. Or rather make projectiles scatter more. It still wipes the floor with anything it meets.
    10. Since ram is getting basically deleted from the game, then reduce the cost of T34 or make it much easier to get to vet1.
    11. Make KT and Sturmtiger mutually exclusive.
    12. Give IS2 some buffs to be on par with other heavies.
    13. Remove raketenwerfer retreat or lock it to vet3 for example. Creeping with those things into enemy territory is a meta in team games especially.
    14. Let all firing emplacements(bunkers and such) cost pop to make spamming those things consequential.
    15. Get osttruppen inline with their cost-effectiveness. Either make them more expensive or cut on the buffs(i.e. reduce cover bonus)
    16. Address conscript AT nade throw stutter where they catch up to the vehicle, start throw sequence, vehicle leaves the range and they start running after it again.
    17. Rework set-up\teardown times for MGs with different arch sizes to be consistent with their effectiveness at licking down territory.
    18. Make only 1 flamethrower on 251 flame upgrade be active at a time. The thing cannot be approached by infantry in any capacity to throw a snare.
    19. Give Pak43 an ability shot that ignores terrain, rather than have it as a default feature.
    20. Give all engineer squads a vet2 ability to remove 1 critical that will prioritize engine, to make armor field recovery more viable.
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    "Give IS2 some buffs to be on par with other heavies."
    2nd most armored heavy, many things bounce from it.(Kt is the first but its more expensive...)
    It has bigger pen than Tiger I.
    So what are u talking about?

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    KiethSomataw99KiethSoma… Posts: 111
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    Wehrmacht Suggestions:
    Panzergrenadiers require in additions to Batttle Phase 1 an Infanterie kompanie or Leichte Mechanized Kompanie.

    Tiger Pzkpfw VI requires in addition to 12CP and Battle Phase 3, a Heavy Panzer Korps or a Support Armor Korps.

    OKW Suggestions:
    Kubelwagen get a damage received multiplier from Allied AT mines so it can now be one shot from Soviet, USF, and British Anti-Tank Mines.

    Sturmpioneer changes acceptable but Panzerschreck upgrade should require any SWS halftrack to be called in (not necessarily set up).

    MG34 should require any SWS halftrack to be called in (not necessarily set up). Should address some of their complaints.

    Soviet Suggestions:
    Instead of ram being a Vet 1 ability, how about having it on initial cooldown upon entering the battlefield, 30 seconds at least.

    T-70: remove the reload speed nerf so its AI capabilities aren't as weakened.

    USF Suggestion:
    Elite Vehicle Crew Training: in addition to giving them Thompson SMGs, greatly reduces their vulnerability when repairing.

    British Suggestion:
    Bren LMG gets buffed slightly but munitions cost to be increased to 50 to match its better performance.

    Artificial Intelligence/Computer Control Suggestions
    I. Volksgrenadiers now treat their Incendiary Grenade ability as a grenade and will use it on clustered troops or structures.
    II. The Cromwell, Churchill, and Comet Tanks no longer toggle focus fire on vehicles. Instead, that algorithim is passed on to Anti-Armor vehicles including: SU-76m, SU-85, StuG III Ausf. G., Panther Pzkpfw V, Elefant, M36 Jackson TD, Puma, Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdtiger, and Panther Command Tank. The British AEC Armored Car and Sherman Firefly still go to focus on vehicles.
    III. Ostheer Wehrmacht vehicles now pop smoke if they feel threatened, if the commander of the vehicles has Panzer Tactician enabled.
    IV. Artillery units no longer fire smoke shells on enemy Rocket and Artillery units.
    V. British Infantry Sections, Tank Hunter Infantry Sections, and Assault Infantry Sections may construct munitions or fuel caches on captured territory points.
    VI: Royal Engineers may use HEAT grenades to cripple enemy vehicles.
    VII: British Infantry units may now use Bren guns once again.

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    @szolnok95 said:
    "Give IS2 some buffs to be on par with other heavies."
    2nd most armored heavy, many things bounce from it.(Kt is the first but its more expensive...)
    It has bigger pen than Tiger I.
    So what are u talking about?

    About the fact that it can't hold it's own against literally anything and requires babysitting at all times.

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    Oh and a big suggestion:
    4 brit vs germans are meme
    4 OKW vs 4 brits ULTRA meme

    Give caches to OKW. The patches in the past totaly ruined why the OKW had no caches at the begining. They had conversion: ammo to fuel and fuel to ammo. Its removed.
    What they got?
    better default resource income..WoW....(same as other factions)
    But in 4vs4: 4 OKW has hard time to win against cache spamm.

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    knightofwindknightofw… Posts: 6
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    Buff too much

    Year 1945 requires to build all the buildings

    Just choose t34/85 to ramp

    Sand bags take forever to build, comet tank rip

    Need more oil, its 1945

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    the counter-battery of the fortification commander UK is completely useless in 4v4 and 3v3 maps because his short range. please could do something about that?

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    please brig back the conversion ammunition to fuel of the OKW because the faction is no powerful anymore

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    @szolnok95 dijo:
    Oh and a big suggestion:
    4 brit vs germans are meme
    4 OKW vs 4 brits ULTRA meme

    Give caches to OKW. The patches in the past totaly ruined why the OKW had no caches at the begining. They had conversion: ammo to fuel and fuel to ammo. Its removed.
    What they got?
    better default resource income..WoW....(same as other factions)
    But in 4vs4: 4 OKW has hard time to win against cache spamm.

    yeap I agree they need brig back conversion ammo to fuel because the OKW after many patch has became so weak.

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    mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 309
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    Some good Changes and some not so good i Think.

    Comet: If you going to revert the fuel cost for this already bad tank i see at least you fix and workout the bugs it has. It still suffer bad mobility since the "turning nerf" 2 years back. The projectil is slow as hell compare to what it was.

    Also, that it got its range nerfed to 45, concider how late it comes out and being autrange by pretty much Everything on the field right then, makes it a very bad choice. The warspeed is nerfed to crap compare to blitzkrig abiity, at least it could be simulary for what it should be Worth your time upgrading it.

    While Panther getting 0.65 accuracy on the move the comet being left behind with its 0.5. At least it could get something simulary if upgrade to command tank.

    We dont need a cheaper comet, a tank that work when it hit the field. It have pretty much zero impact right now.

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    @mrdjjag81 dijo:
    Some good Changes and some not so good i Think.

    Comet: If you going to revert the fuel cost for this already bad tank i see at least you fix and workout the bugs it has. It still suffer bad mobility since the "turning nerf" 2 years back. The projectil is slow as hell compare to what it was.

    Also, that it got its range nerfed to 45, concider how late it comes out and being autrange by pretty much Everything on the field right then, makes it a very bad choice. The warspeed is nerfed to crap compare to blitzkrig abiity, at least it could be simulary for what it should be Worth your time upgrading it.

    While Panther getting 0.65 accuracy on the move the comet being left behind with its 0.5. At least it could get something simulary if upgrade to command tank.

    We dont need a cheaper comet, a tank that work when it hit the field. It have pretty much zero impact right now.

    That has been a big mistake by rellic instead of strengthening the weak units they weaken the good units, instead of going better they are making everything worse

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    @mrdjjag81 said:
    Some good Changes and some not so good i Think.

    Comet: If you going to revert the fuel cost for this already bad tank i see at least you fix and workout the bugs it has. It still suffer bad mobility since the "turning nerf" 2 years back. The projectil is slow as hell compare to what it was.

    Also, that it got its range nerfed to 45, concider how late it comes out and being autrange by pretty much Everything on the field right then, makes it a very bad choice. The warspeed is nerfed to crap compare to blitzkrig abiity, at least it could be simulary for what it should be Worth your time upgrading it.

    While Panther getting 0.65 accuracy on the move the comet being left behind with its 0.5. At least it could get something simulary if upgrade to command tank.

    We dont need a cheaper comet, a tank that work when it hit the field. It have pretty much zero impact right now.

    Yeah when comet has more armor than a vet 2 panther, hit everything when going reverse with 40 km/h, can wipe squads with 1 shot, and it has many many bounce. Its ridiculous when the shrek is bouncing from its side.

    And since I play COH 2 I do not understand why to comet is so strong with 76 mm of front armor(100 on turret) and 15 mm side.

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    omar_empomar_emp United Arab EmiratesPosts: 533
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    as there is some notice in balancing to high resources.

    as for SDKFZ 250 mechanized assault division (the one that comes with PG squad) at 2CP is too early

    Allied M5 halftracks come at 3CP while Wher gets theirs at 2CP with a 70% price. PG squad, which makes quite a unbalanced match at high resources.

    either at high resources let the abiltiy start at cooldown , or universally move the whole ability to 3CP to match other halftracks abilities.
    (especially it even come with a squad.)

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    Thank you for finally giving a place for the community to give input into these patches (since I noticed the balance forums are completely ignored). I like this place since it's advert free.

    My Perspective:

    I have only played CoH 2 against/with the CPU/AI and sometimes co-op with a friend. Ignoring the last major patch in 2020, the changes over the past 3 years have been amazing and much needed, especially for the US Forces (USF). They have matured greatly, including the commanders. It wasn't all good, and there was some reason for concern, but only with the last major patch did things get out of control, in my opinion. When I realised I had most of the commanders and Intel Bulletins I wanted, I made the decision not to update my game with the 2020 patch, and only play offline with the CPU/AI. My major problem was when you decided to remove/repurpose one of my favourite units (probably my most favourite but I wish he was 8 pop instead of 9) and you decided to mess with heavies again, but this time we received no trade-off in tactics, they were simply made harder to get.

    With the patch notes released thus far, it has become more clear/evident that the so called "balance team" doesn't actually understand much about designing games. A game like CoH 2 is very complex where individual units are balanced against each other, but at the same time, armies as a whole are balanced against each other. The British Forces were given strong infantry but lacked mobile indirect fire-support, snares and a mobile reinforcement platform in their core, for example. Clever and well designed games like CoH 2 create both diversity and balance. This is extremely hard to achieve, since, if you want to make things different, then how can they be balanced (equal/the same)? It's counter-intuitive. But, what the designers do is they make trade-offs: You make a unit strong in one area and weak in another, or add a unique ability or heavy weapon to make up for weaknesses. Like Grenadiers, where would they be without the LMG MG42? I doubt they'd be at 7 pop without it. The balance team seems to not understand this. For example, they saw the M4A3(76) Sherman had a different damage per second (DPS) profile on the (now dated) stats website, and they decided it needs to be the same as every other Sherman variant. They, however, did not observe or consider its coaxial MG's damage profile was less than other variants, or, perhaps, that it was a doctrinal tank and maybe it should have a better top-gunner. Or, with the ISU-152, they changed its rear armour, probably simply because they saw it was different to the Elefant. Their balance is more complex than this, but the reason the ISU-152 has higher rear armour is probably because it has less frontal armour and the original designers of this game made that trade-off to add diversity into the game, rather than making them identical. It seems people on the "balance team", see a difference, and don't research why the difference exists and just want to make a change since... I don't know, maybe they feel like it's a bug? It is good to standardise things and make changes/add diversity within those bounds, but, since these people aren't the original game designers, they are reverse engineering this and may not see the justification for various differences between units. Or, it could be the technique of continually shuffling things around to keep people interested in the game. I think CoH 2 has enough diversity built into it, with the commanders, to keep people interested without needing to shuffle things around. After all, isn't this the incentive for people to spend money on the game?

    I wish the team's goals were more clear, I wish it was more bug fixing and "Quality of Life Improvements". CoH 2 feels like it's been hijacked by a small group of people, a clique of people, and, before, I felt powerless, but, THIS TIME, you gave us a place for input. I don't expect to be heard or make a difference; this will just be me venting, but, also, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to maybe try and stop the fall of this game. Slowly slowly, bit by bit, the diversity of this game is being sapped out and everything being made "more inline" with everything else, until we'll have only one unit with one weapon and everything will be truly "balanced".

    1. Bring back the Airlanding Officer. Simply make it mutually exclusive with the Assault Officer.
      Detailed Solution:

    2. Don't forget the comments here:

    3. Revert the way heavies are called in to one of 2 states:
      2 - the way it was for the "SEPTEMBER 2019 BALANCE UPDATE"

    What you have done with heavies is a bit insane. In the "SEPTEMBER 2019 BALANCE UPDATE" they were tied to tech but with the promise that they will have reduced Command Points (CP) to come in earlier in team games. One set of tactics available to the player was removed while another created. E.g. sometimes I used to not get the Soviet final building (Mechanized Armor Kampaneya) and instead spend the fuel I save on Su-76Ms and when the time was right call in a heavy as a spearhead. Now, with reduced CP, I can instead incorporate a heavy into my regular line-up, rather than having no pop-cap left over, for one later, if I preserved my units well. You have eliminated this trade-off in tactics, that you promised to us, by increasing CP and tech requirements. Reducing tactical diversity should be the number 1 thing avoided in CoH 2.

    Tactics are what makes things such as commanders so attractive and are what makes CoH 2 a winner. Heavies should be balanced by pop requirements, simple, that's why it exists. The pop increase on the Churchill Mk. VIIs was enough to force me to instead field Cromwells. It also helped that you made Cromwells better, though. I mean, there was a reason I wouldn't waste fuel on a Cromwell, at the same time being no stranger to a group of good mediums, happy with the Sherman (but what other option is there for USF?).

    I get what you are trying to do. You are trying to make the game more "logical". You move up the tech tree and then get more powerful units, like in a classic RTS such as Command & Conquer Red Alert, you get your Tech Center and then you get the Mammoth Tank (if I remember correctly). But this is CoH 2, while it didn't innovate commander choice, the call-in abilities of commanders is one of the most fun and amazing parts of this game. You have the power there at your hands, no strings attached except for some command points (in most cases) and there you go: You just need CP and enough resources and you can conveniently call in a unit, without training, where you want them, with one click (well, actually 2). You are butchering what makes CoH 2 different and a winner. Bypassing logical tech trees allows for more tactical diversity and options to a player/commander and adds more depth to the game, since you don't always know what commander an enemy has selected. You have to prepare for all possibilities. E.g., I can't make a cavalry charge with my tanks unless I'm sure there's no Pak 43s out there. I try to do some recon first. Or, any time I see some red smoke when playing against Wehrmacht I retreat, since it could be any of a number of devastating commander abilities.

    You have made it so Heavies are very hard to get. You need to have a very long game and not preserve your units/lose units, you filled your pop-cap with, to have room for when you can, both, finally afford a heavy and have enough CP (having not horded your resources but spent it filling your pop-cap). You have shot yourself in the foot, Relic, or, rather, the "community" has shot you, since half the incentive to purchase a lot of the commanders is to get a heavy, especially when you are playing for fun. Some of the most fun I've had was when I got the Soviet Industry Tactics commander and used the KV-2. It was a unique weapon which you had to set up to utilise best. Something different. Interesting thing about the KV-2 is that it was changed to behave more like a regular tank, and less unique. Another result of the "community" patches. But it wasn't a big deal for me, it's not like it was scrapped like the Airlanding Officer.

    1. It's okay to admit you're wrong and completely revert changes you made that were not working well after patch release.
      Example 1 - Infantry Sections/British Forces

    Royal Engineers were given Heat Grenades. 6-pounder light vehicle accuracy bonus removed. Infantry Sections were now too good. Infantry Sections were nerfed. British Forces HMG was buffed slightly. Infantry Sections buffed back up to be overall better than they were before. If you go, still, further back, you can read about the PIAT having its range increased due to lack of snares. How about we just don't give snares to British Forces and accept they make some trade-offs; strong infantry but lack of snares, mobile indirect fire-support and a mobile reinforcement platform: Instead of slowly unravelling the intricate design of this game. Even now, British Forces are being further unravelled by removing a capture bonus they had. I'm not sure if they need it, but one would have to talk with one of the original designers to understand the reasoning. And, why did it become a problem all of a sudden? Not only that, but the changes to the Mortar Emplacement. British forces don't need a "Heavy Mortar Barrage" to "give the British a long-range late game artillery unit in the core"; they ALREADY HAVE the 25 Pounder Base Howitzers and Pyrotechnics. Not quite the same, because of the flares, but it's in the core, the only other faction with that is USF and they don't have a "long-range late game artillery unit in the core" either. These are TRADE-OFFS that add diversity.
    Refer to:

    Example 2 - Churchill Mk. VII Infantry Tank/UKF

    The Churchill went up from 16 pop to 19 pop and surprise surprise it wasn't being used anymore. So, now, instead of simply reverting its pop to something that is balanced, it's getting a partial revert of pop and then being given pure buffs. Which would seem to imply the pop could have been lowered further (if it didn't receive the buffs). So, why not just lower the pop and not tinker with the thing? Later on it's going to then get nerfed or buffed or who knows what? Maybe just try reducing the pop, see how it goes, then you can tinker with it more. If you make too many changes at once, how can we find out what's effective? The Churchill is meant to be a tank, the very definition of it; it is meant to tank, figuratively and literally speaking. It draws fire and absorbs it. It's not meant to be made, piece by piece, into something like a Tiger tank. British Forces aren't meant to have a Tiger in their core. It's meant to be an interesting alternative to the main tank of the British Forces (Cromwell) that comes at extra investment, much like the Wehrmacht Panther. Keep it unique, there's nothing else out there like it.

    1. Make it so the 105mm Bulldozer Sherman can take down a lone structure either as fast or faster than a M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank using AP rounds. Currently a 105mm Bulldozer Sherman is worse against enemy structures which, makes no sense.

    2. By moving the fuel cost of the Infantrie Kompanie to Battle Phase 1 (BP1) you inadvertently fixed a problem with Panzergrenadiers. In team games you could stall and get BP1 done ASAP and fill your army with Panzergrenadiers. I don't think they belong in the Kampfgruppe Headquarters. I think you need to get a grip on Panzergrenadiers, refer to:

    3. I think you need to get a grip on the IS-2:
      "With its high armor, we felt the IS-2 should have reduced killing power against infantry while remaining relatively consistent in terms of accuracy."
      "The high armor of the IS-2 is being reduced slightly..."

    4. Give every faction the ability to issue transfer orders on their troops at the HQ. Move or retreat the troops to the HQ, click the ability on them and they simply disappear. No one should have a problem with this since a lot of troops already magically appear from base buildings rather than off-map. This will make it easier to deny team weapons, give more incentive for USF to preserve their vehicle crews, etc.

    5. The icon above Shermans for prioritize vehicles and Hold Fire should take priority over the Radio Net. Either that or find a way to display more than one icon at a time. Or just get rid of the icon for Radio Net if you can't fix it.

    6. Similar to the KV-8, make it so there is an indication (icon) for whether a Sherman is using AP, HE or HVAP rounds. Even if it simply has to be the letters AP/HE/HVAP.

    7. Consider the Fuel cost advantage Wehrmacht has with respect to teching. Refer to the following thread, but, first, note that I failed to consider OKW have less fuel to start with but it's easy to factor in:
      At one point I was thinking that Wehrmacht should have stronger tanks/access to tanks earlier since their mainline infantry, Grenadiers, were 1 pop more than they should be (currently 7 pop), but that MG42 LMG is one heck of an upgrade.

    8. ISU-152 "Rear armor from 150 to 110". Please stop. It's obviously a trade-off for having less frontal armour than the Elefant. Please.

    9. "Damage profile of 76mm 50cal standardized to standard M4A3 75mm 50cal". Please stop. If you're going to do this, standardise the 76mm Sherman's coaxial MG to that of the 75mm. Please. I'm asking nice.

    10. From what I've observed, heavy tanks seem to get snared more than they should. I'm not sure of the percentage chance of a snare working, but it seems too high for heavies. It seems silly, you make such a huge investment and then it just gets snared. For a slow moving vehicle especially, this is an emergency and you want to back out. I don't know the values, but, if the chance is equal for snaring a T-34/76 and an IS-2; with one snare against an IS-2, it's equivalent to snaring two T-34/76s in one shot, given the population values of these vehicles. It doesn't seem fair. The percentage chance for a snare should scale down with increased vehicle pop.

    11. Why is it that people who want to build multiple AEC armoured cars are being punished with higher build time (45s to 60s)? Can you not add the extra time into the Hammer research?

    12. Theater of War needs a huge amount of Quality of Life care and attention. For the early years of the war it's not balanced and you can deploy units you shouldn't be able to, e.g. Soviet Lend Lease Tactics commander's M5 and Sherman. Someone already mentioned problems with CoH 2 CPU/AI for Skirmish, that needs huge attention too, but I haven't seen anything majorly wrong with it.

    13. Make unit health bars more accurate. Currently, if a 640 HP tank receives 160 HP damage, it appears to have more HP than 75% when judging by the bar.

    14. The KV-1's veterancy 1 ability is absolutely silly. Revert it or at least make it so you can't use it in combat. Maybe you can make it like the Sturmtiger and the crew is vulnerable

    15. Bring back Cold Tech on Rzhev Winter. People who don't want it can turn it off.

    16. You need better documentation of changes; a more detailed Changelog where you use the same keywords for units to make it easier to traverse changes for specific units. That way you won't lose sight of changes and the reasoning, and stop going around in circles and be able to revert changes.

    17. Do not increase sandbag build time. If you have to, make USF and British Forces sandbags longer so they can protect the full squad. I have no experience with Volksgrenadier sandbags, I only recently found out they have them. At least don't touch USF sandbags, since these are doctrinal.

    The best sandbag doctrine is, if you have the chance, build the sandbags off a point and towards your base. That way it is less likely the enemy will use them against you and it will serve as cover if you want to defend that point or recapture it. You should be able to fire onto the point from the sandbags. But you should only use them if there is no natural cover available, since, a lot of the time, you will simply be caught with your pants down building sandbags, and you find yourself worse off than if you didn't build them, since now the enemy got the jump on you with zero cover. Since the USF/British Forces sandbags are so short, you need to construct a line of 2 for each squad to stand behind, so, the build time is actually 24 seconds already, in reality. But that's still not the most ideal design, you need 1 set of sandbags built on each side to protect your flanks (cover is directional right?). You can go even further by doubling up your line of 2 sandbags emplacements to defend against tanks and AT fire.

    The notes say that people are "putting them everywhere their line infantry goes to capture points". I assume these people would be building them on the point as they capture, otherwise it would already "hinder the pace at which the map can be captured". People doing so are doing it wrong, since the sandbags will just be used against you. If you are doing it on the last point you are capturing, I can understand, you are digging in, but, if that point is at the halfway point of the map, the enemy will certainly be there shortly and you may get caught with your pants down. That's why you shouldn't do it on the point; you should back up into your side of the map a bit and build off the point, and only when you have no natural cover available. I honestly don't understand the reasoning behind a lot of the patch notes and discussion in the Balance Feedback forums: It seems people have an inordinate amount of time to micromanage their vehicles and to build defences/minefields. I never have time to catch my breath, maybe since I play against Hard CPU/AI which gets increased manpower and fuel income.

    1. I wish there was a CPU/AI difficulty setting that only increased the manpower income. Hard and Expert difficulty settings are very frustrating because of the increased fuel given to the CPU/AI. It means you simply have to spam anti-tank, which is frustrating and boring and sort of breaks the game. I wish it was more centred around strategy and the fact the CPU/AI can micromanage faster and click to build units faster than you, forcing you to ramp up your game. The manpower increase also helps.

    2. When considering the half-track balance, don't forget that troops inside the hold of a 251 have increased survivability versus an M5 if the half-track is destroyed. If you didn't add healing to M5s I would have taken issue with the balance for this very reason. But, given this change, the survivability should be retained. Don't forget that each time you buff half-tracks, it makes the British Forces compromise/trade-off of no mobile reinforcement platform a little harsher. Also don't forget that Soviets don't have access to healing in the field without a commander that provides it; this could disturb the Soviet balance (remember how certain factions make trade-offs?). Also don't forget the change "251 Half-track can now carry mortar teams".

    3. I wasn't so sure about the Riflemen Rifle Grenade debate. Then I saw how scary it was to fire one off and have your bazooka penetrate. Then I realised USF was lucky to have them at all. That combines to 100+80 = 180 damage, more than a regular tank shot which is 160 damage. Just a comment, I don't see this change as a major problem/don't care.

    4. The M20 note should read "The M20 is having its timing restored". Get a grip, you increased its timing by 20s and now reduced it by 20s (assuming it takes 5s to accumulate 50 Manpower, but you said 20 seconds in your notes regardless)

    5. With respect to the M36 Jackson and Su-85 reduction in veterancy penetration: Please note that penetration isn't the best when it comes to a bonus; penetration caps off. 240 penetration against the armour of a Panzer IV is as effective as 312 penetration. This may very well be the reason why this veterency benefit is so high, since 90% of the time it's useless. M36 Jackson penetration versus Panther frontal armour at far range:
      220/260 = 85% penetration chance
      (220*1.3)/260 = 100% penetration chance
      100/85 = 1.18 => 18% improvement to overall DPS of Jackson versus Panther
      This is why you should typically go with "main weapon" reload Intel Bulletins.

    6. Correction:

    The M3 scout car is having armour exchanged for health, giving it more survivability against light cannons and mines while having a significant impact against small-arms.

    1. Fix the veterancy descriptions of all the units of the game to be accurate/correct. At least do it with Combat Engineers and Pioneers: "Combat expertise reduces the risk of repairing while under fire." seems wrong, considering you just revealed the hidden accuracy boost (not so hidden, you can feel it/know it's there).

    2. Find a way to prevent the USF Officers (Lieutenant and Captain) from using a heavy weapon when it's possible for another squad member to be holding it/using it. I prefer the Thompson to be kept in the fight over a Garand.

    3. Give us a way to load up replays to a specific time rather than having to load from the start and fast-forward. This should be possible; since you can save a game, load back to the save point, finish the game and at the end you have a replay file for that game for the full length (if I'm not mistaken). So you should be able to load into a replay at any time. If it can be achieved, you can also have something in the replay UI that allows you to initiate it as well as when you first load up the replay, so you can load to various points of interest in the replay easily.

    4. "Deflection criticals from Heavy Armor removed". This kind of stuff makes me think that there should be a competitive mode of CoH 2 and a standard/fun mode of CoH 2. It's like taking away awesome features like the "Cold Tech" from Rzhev Winter. Maybe have an option in Skirmish to turn off these "frustrating RNG" elements, rather than sucking the fun out of the game. One of the greatest elements of this game is dealing with the cold, unique elements like that. This change seems to be taking away an amazing feature that may have made CoH 2 different, in a good way.

    5. OKW Infiltration Grenades (Infiltration Tactics) should not go on recharge if you click to use the ability but manually cancel it, for whatever reason, and the grenade is not thrown. E.g. If an enemy squad moves as you go to throw it/use it.

    6. Give the OKW Panzer IV Ausf. J smoke dischargers (like Panzer Tactician) but it must be unlocked through research in the Schwerer Panzer Headquarters costing around 35 fuel. Automatically unlocked if all sWS Supply Half-tracks are converted. This will encourage more diverse builds and give you more of a reason to choose the Panzer IV over the Panther.

    The Panzer IV Ausf. J feels very naked without smoke due to its slow speed, especially in the cavalry role (diving in and doing damage). Only one commander offers support for a situation where your tanks feel threatened, the Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine with its Stuka Smoke Reconnaissance. The Stuka Smoke Drop of the Grand Offensive Doctrine is too slow. The OKW commanders are fine where they are, and there's no room for smoke to be added as a commander ability. I never felt any problem like this with the Wehrmacht Panzer IV, and I think that's because it combines both excellent firepower and speed; the latter is missing from the Ausf J. Of course I'm talking about how things feel without Panzer Tactician. At the same time, there seems no point to select the Panzer IV over the Panther: The Panther has the perfect balance of AT and AI to supplement/complement the OKW infantry, which are finely tuned and honed in on the AI role (especially thanks to their upgrades). Not only this, but thanks to the Panther's high armour, high HP and excellent mobility, it's much more survivable and so it is more likely it will gain higher veterancy and you will save fuel with fewer losses. I feel like, if anyone loses a Panther it was because they made a conscious decision to sacrifice it. Snares seem to hurt slower moving vehicles much worse; the Panther just keeps going.

    1. Find a way to show if a squad has more than one heavy weapon and what those heavy weapons are, i.e. allow more than one heavy weapon icon over a squad. This will help in two ways: 1. Help the enemy see if a Riflemen squad has a Bazooka, when instead they would only see a BAR icon, and make appropriate tactical decisions, for example. 2. Help a commander see if his Riflemen squad has lost a heavy weapon if he is using a mix of BAR and Bazooka, for example. If a Riflemen squad has 2 BARs, you can make it so the second icon displays as "X2", for example.


    1. Recrewed CPU/AI team weapons should not be able to use the abilities of the unit type that recrews them. I have witnessed a Shocktrooper grenade (I think it was an HMG), Volksgrenadier Panzerfaust and a Panzerfusilier rifle grenade. Evidence of the last 2:
    2. Assault Engineers are 8 pop when they should be 7 pop?
    3. If you capture a Vehicle Repair Facility as USF it takes up 4 pop, the exact pop of a vehicle crew. Witnessed this on Pripyat Winter
    4. Playing Theater of War on Encirclement at Smolensk I witnessed Conscripts merging with a fully pinned squad and being able to crawl past the HMG bunker that pinned the troops. The Conscripts that merged were able to crawl, not the original squad members. This was the CPU/AI.
    5. For one of the mortar half-tracks (I think the 250), your troops will not let you know if the mortar rounds are dropping on them. This may be intentional.
    6. With the Wehrmacht Light Artillery Barrage, your troops will not warn you if it is called on them. If a squad gets wiped out by this ability, you will not receive a report that you lost a squad. I experienced this as British Forces.
    7. When USF take out a Panther they say "gun destroyed", is that normal?
    8. Soviet M4C Sherman sometimes says "T-70 reporting" or something like that
    9. Turning off "Show XP Kickers" in the game Options doesn't work, at least while I'm watching a replay. It can be distracting during a replay, especially when fast-forwarding.
    10. If a vehicle runs over the wood and barbed wire fences surrounding a USF base, it will count as a team kill as far as the "Match Stats" are concerned
    11. When attempting to take out a USF base, if you shoot certain things it will be reported as a kill (audibly, e.g. your tank will give you one of the speech lines for a confirmed kill). I think it's the wood and barbed wire fences surrounding the base that this happens with. This is confusing and pointless.
    12. When attempting to take out OKW structures, if you shoot certain things it will be reported as a kill (audibly, e.g. your tank will give you one of the speech lines for a confirmed kill). I think it's the barrels, sandbags and antennae that this happens with. This is confusing and pointless.
    13. Why is it when a Fire Pit is destroyed it shows a +50XP kicker? It's distracting if it serves no purpose. I don't just mean the ones you construct, those in the map also.
    14. If you load up a replay multiple times, it seems one of the rendering buffers is failing to clear, leading to problems such as:
    15. When you look at the "Match Stats" any units that are in WC51s maybe be given the Meat Shield award. Somehow they are considered dead according to the Match Stats.
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    1 year ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 299 admin

    Thanks for all the input chaps. The balance team has been discussing. Version 2.0 is now live:

  • #20
    1 year ago

    Brit infantry sniper rifle. WoW balance :disappointed:

  • #21
    1 year ago

    I must say, this might be one of best patches in years, if not the ice breaker once more... Extremely well done, loving the british sniper sections, loving the penals update, not sure about WC51 tho, I would actually make the Vet range bonus from 5>10, to match the old version.

    I love how you are wiring up the tech up for brits so its no longer exclusive... That might be singlehandedly my favorite thing in this patch... Just so damn beautiful things...

    Followed up by adjustments to MG-s, tweaks to some blobbing MG tactics...

    I have a question tho, can we make M3 and M5 halftracks for British, to also have influence from the changes about medical abilities? Special Weapons regiment would benefit from this quite a lot...

    Followed up by that topic, how about we adjust Special Weapons Regiments, particularly AT infantry section rifles to actually become viable? they are at most clunky AT weapon I've ever seen in this game, and they have these massive visual bugs with floating magazines:

    So, can we get an adjustment to them, the similiar way that Penal AT rifles are getting?

    Generally, only thing that I would ask for adjustment is Fallshirms nerf since blobbing with them is a brain dead tactic that usually works amazingly due to outscaling veterancy buffs and EFFECTIVE AT ALL DISTANCE weapons...

    Same I would say for Obers with Infrared rifles... Which even though are Commander Exclusive weapons, they perform at sickening effectiveness (AGAIN, AT ALL RANGES...), which negates majority of counterplay...

    AND PLEASE... FOR LOVE OF GOD... Remove panzerfusiliers Advanced Bazookas... That thing is such a plague for this games tactics, since mayority of light vehicles are just paper in comparison to them... And they again scale through the whole game... Panzergrenadiers spam into bazookas was always annoying but it was manageable, having squads who are still effective vs infantry and have advanced weapons is nothing more than absolute cancer in blobbing tactics... If you fix this, the game would be a masterpiece...

    Ofc, aside all the majestic things you have already implemented...

    Like these changes for all nations, both buffs and tweaks, are just A M A Z I N G <3, and I can't wait to testrun more of them (I love all nations in this game) :smiley:

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    1 year ago

    What can we do about USF Rangers? Thoose guys have fallen out of meta so hard (unless Bazooka blobbing) that its absolutely depressing, and they are pain to reinforce and use as supplement to regular infantry due to the lacking of some, lets say, power positions and spikes (situations they profit the most from, like urban combat or assault, and in assault term, Cavalry Riflemen are experts in this)

    Same I would say for Commandoes... They could use a bit of tweaks and adjustments just to scale better and fit enviromental combat better. :smiley:

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    1 year ago

    I like the Changes, Think they made a good job with it. WHen it comes down to brits, the only thing i whish they could had a look over is the Comet. Since they seam to make Anvil a good choice now again, the hammer tactic is much chosen over anvil in current state because of the good thing its bring rather than have access to the comet. An easy fix to it to bring it in line with the nerf fuel incraese would be to extend its survival with 100 HP, sur it got its advantage in armor in decent pen, but the 45 range dissadvantage, bad mobility until vet 3, pretty vulnerable to schrekblobs and got rathar small HP pool compare to other tanks hitting the field at the same time makes it survival a bit lackluster in late game.

    Would be good to see the balanceteam experince with a 900 hp comet. I mean, in best case you can afford 2 of them at the same time so can't be spamed like the issiu with them was Before.

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    1 year ago
    BrosrasBrosras Posts: 3
    edited December 2020

    Hello, all MLRS in the game, have a random, and only sdkfz 251 wurfrahmen first shots, always hits the same point, I would like to know, it will ever change, or you can no longer hope. Also, brummbar, hits the first shot of the ability always in a small radius from the center, at the same time a similar ability in zis3/su76 can fly anywhere.

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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921

    Okw infantry problems:

    • Obersodaten: they're elite defensive infantry, Booby traps ability doesnt fit them because it requires moving deep near enemy base to make it some use. As their role can only lay traps near teammate base, or middle at best.

    • Fallschrim: was super spammable and OP back then, but last year they got so many nerf that they become really weak in an already weak Commander. The list is:
      +++ 2 FG42 removed causing 4 FG42 come at very late
      +++ 2 additional FG42 requires 60ammo
      +++ Fallschrim arm weapon team no longer have FG42
      +++ Snare removed but not replaced by another ability

    Okw infantry rework ideas:

    • Obersodaten: remove booby traps ability, replaced with one of these:
      +++ Tripwire flare: lay a flare mine like Combat Engineer.
      +++ Binoculars: passive ability at vet1, gain 5-10m sight when not in combat.

    • Fallschrim: Fallschrim lose both AT ability (snare, which should be gone), and AI ability until late game with additional 60ammo. Give them either one of these in return or losing snare:
      +++ Give Booby trap ability to harass behind the line.
      +++ Give lay Schu-mine ability to harass behind the line.

  • #26
    1 year ago

    @Brosras said:
    Hello, all MLRS in the game, have a random, and only sdkfz 251 wurfrahmen first shots, always hits the same point, I would like to know, it will ever change, or you can no longer hope. Also, brummbar, hits the first shot of the ability always in a small radius from the center, at the same time a similar ability in zis3/su76 can fly anywhere.

    yes the 251 first and last rocket will always land in the same place, that's how you aim it. Thats how it works

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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921

    USF tech rework idea:

    Since free squad Officiers through tech become more viable because USF can double tech for 2 free squads. The tech should be changed.


    • Riflemen
    • Rear
    • Ambulance
    • Mortar


    Platoon: 150mp - 35fuel. Lieu no longer come in for free

    • M20
    • MG
      Platoon Mechanized: 100mp - 20fuel

    • Lieu: 350mp, armed with double Bar.

    • Stuart


    Company: 150mp - 35fuel. Cap no longer come in for free

    • M1 supportgun
    • ATgun
      Company Mechanized: 100mp - 20fuel

    • Cap: 350mp, armed with double Zook.

    • HHAT


    Battalion: 150mp - 90fuel. Major no longer come in for free

    • M10 Wol
    • Sherman
    • M8 Scott
      Battalion Mechanized: 100mp - 30fuel.

    • Major

    • Jackson
    • Pershing/Calliop/Easy8/Sherman76/Bulldozer...

    M8 Scott:
    Range 50 makes this unit too vulnerable. I would like to nerf the auto fire reload, and buff more on manual fire.

    • Keep range at 60. Autofire gets -50% reload speed.
    • Manual fire gets +50% ability recharge time, while decrease the number of barrage by 50%, so player can freely shoot on more areas
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    1 year ago

    These are my feedback notes from the last iteration, haven't played the 2.0 build yet.

    "This will make it more of a strategic choice to build sandbags, because building them in the early game will hinder the pace at which the map can be captured. This should encourage players to build sandbags only in vital locations, rather than putting them everywhere their line infantry goes to capture points."

    The problem with this nerf is that Volks and Tommies are mostly reliant on sandbags and their respective factions don't have the diversity or power of OST/USF openings, neither of which really need sandbags everywhere to be strong aside from osttruppen which are unaffected.
    OKW and UKF both have a pretty long and linear window to getting their first big light vehicles, and so they both rely on their defensive positions to hold their points until then in an even game. With this change playing on the backfoot as both factions feels really bad with not many sandbags to fallback on, and this is something that happens pretty often at around the stage the M20/WC51/222/etc come out even in an even game.
    The sandbag nerf just adds another risky early game aspect that USF and OST don't have to deal with and will cement the meta.
    OKW is especially hard without bags to fall back on against USF, and its already very easy for USF to win opening game engagements with Riflemen, Cav Rifles, etc.
    Meanwhile UKF got hit with a double nerf in their ability to recover from losing the first engagements.
    I get how this change would sound like it means more decision making on paper, but in practice aggressive openings are too risky now with OKW and UKF, all you can do is rush for houses or map cover cause you get caught building too easily. It made both factions less fun.

    "Portion of Command Points (gained by building structures) moved to Battle Phase 1 research"

    Uhh, does OST really need another reason to skip grens...? Really bizarre change. This BUFFS Osttruppen since their sandbags can come online sooner, and they get the Pak supply drop faster, negating the usefulness of the Pak build time bulletin. Assgrens are also even more punishing now that the 250 comes out faster.

    Speaking of meta commanders I really like how WC-51 vet 1 range bonus feels. Giving super-lights a small range bonus at vet 1 makes them less risky against infantry with automatic weapons and makes the risk:reward of forgoing a line infantry squad in a way that they still have to fight. I really want to see this change tested on the clown car, Kubel, etc.

    I never knew that Ram had a pen value. But if I'm throwing away a VET 1 T-34 it had better pen, why not make its pen 999? You're already removing the positive RNG, so you should just remove the negative RNG as well to keep the risk:reward ratio even.

    IMO the SU-85 should keep its pen bonus as is since it doesn't have a chance at flanking nor any extra penetration abilities like the Jackson. Keeping their Vet 2 symmetrical is not a good reason to take away its pen. It really needs that Vet 2 pen to deal with the big slow Axis team game staples. Soviet nerfs should get scaled back a bit in general imo, almost all of their main late game tools in team games especially have gotten nerfed.

    If you want to make the Luch's suppressing fire more consistent, why not make the main cannon stop creating yellow cover? I think most people would agree the damage on it feels pretty anemic right now and this is what really keeps me from building it against Brits despite the AEC nerf, giving them yellow cover all over the map is really bad. OKW still feels too weak to well played Brits.

    I don't like the Stuart getting so much range on the engine shot, it should be like 10 at most. It was always meant to be a tool that keeps it relevant against mediums, that's why it had to get so close. It should never be something to stop light vehicles like tread shot. It shouldn't feel as reliable as the AEC, it should be risky because the Stuart is not as specialized as the AEC.

    I'm disappointed that the Tiger/IS-2/maybe the Pershing aren't getting a small boost to their AI or something but I'm expecting that will come with the commander patch.

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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921

    Defensive positions
    Bunker & Fighting position only have 120cone sight, increase the sight range to 50. I dont feel like to have infiltrate infantry behind the line get spotted because of those.

    All buildings
    Except Tier0 HQ, other buildings should have low range sight. Same with Bunker and FP when not upgraded.

    Early vehicles build time
    To have light vehicles/tanks have a place in late game.

    • Clown car build time decreased by 20% when build Tier3, another 20% when build Tier4
    • Halftrack build time decreased by 20% when build Tier4
    • T70, SU76 build time decreased by 10% when build Tier4


    • Ambulance, any halftrack, M20 build time decreased by 20% when unlock Major
    • AAHT, Stuart build time decreased by 10% when unlock Major


    • Carrier build time decreased by 20% when upgrade AEC/Bofors, another 20% when build Medium tech
    • AEC build time decreased by 10% when build Medium tech


    • 222/251 build time decreased by 20% when build Tier3, another 20% when build Tier4
    • Stug/Pz4/Ost build time increased by 5% by default, but decreased by 10% when build Tier4


    • FlakHT build time decreased by 10% when build Tier3, another 10% when build Tier4
    • Luch/Puma build time decreased by 10% when build Tier4
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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921
    edited December 2020

    All tanks' hp

    • All tanks' hp decreased by 20-40hp. To prevent after taking 3 hits, a touch from engineer can make the tank takes up to 5 hits.


    • Add a new unit in Battalion: vehicle crew: cost 200mp


    • Allow both Tier2 and 3 able to upgrade either healing OR repairing station.

    To make Ost tech less of a mess. And actually make Battle phase & Tier have its own meaning
    Current tech:

    My tech:

    Battlephase unlock new ability for previous Tier units.
    HQ: Pion / MG42 / (PzGren)

    Tier1: Gren / Mortar / Sniper
    +++ Battlephase 1: unlock Tier2; PzGren in HQ; Gren LMG42

    Tier2: ATgun / 222 / 251 /
    +++ Battlephase 2: unlock Tier3; 251 schu-mine (no more requires vet1)

    Tier3: Stug / Ost / Pz4 (increase Pz4 fuel to 125fuel)
    +++ Battlephase 3: unlock Tier4; All out war, Pz4 fuel drops to 115fuel

    Tier4: Brumbar / Werfer / Panther

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    1 year ago
    OberOber Posts: 107
    edited December 2020

    Hi, thank you for update the game.

    Would be nice if this 2 things can be fixed:

    1. In team games the AA units are a big problems for the planes, they can literally shootdown planes in miliseconds the most overpowered in this role is the M5 AA Half-track and the OKW AA ht and even worst with veterany 2-3-5 stars most of people only make one of this units and left them behind lines (close to their base hq) and they the can shootdown planes in a secure place without any input or micro and really hard to counterplay.

    I propose 2 solutions:

    -Add/update Anti-Aircraft Mode a active ability similar to the flak truck AA, when is activated can shootdown planes by 1 min or so, and recharge time of 2-3 min.

    -Add/update a button to all the units capable to shootdown planes a active ability similar to the flak truck okw
    Anti-Aircraft Mode

    1. The maxims still a huge problem when the people spam 2-3 of this units and worst when the enemy is okw in team games, but maybe with the new changes to the med hq to get leigs more fast can fix the problem, and now the maxims is buffed again?


    -Minimize the arc size again

    -Add +1 of popcap

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