Winter Balance Update: Preview Mod Notes and Feedback Thread



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    1 year ago

    Guys, it's time to PANIC, it's time to GET LOUD, it's time to PROTEST. They are NOT listening to us. Company of Heroes 2 has been HIJACKED. It has been kidnapped and is slowly being strangled to death. The game you love is at risk of being taken away from you, indeed, it may have already been taken away from you in these three years of "community" "balance" changes. It's time to act, it's time to take drastic action. For this reason, I am suggesting we all stop posting our suggestions and instead ask for Company of Heroes 2 to not be updated to the 2020/21 Winter Balance Update. Post in this thread and all other relevant threads and make your voice heard (make sure to follow the community guidelines and don't spam etc.): Tell them to not go through with the 2020/21 Winter Balance Update and to leave our game alone, while using the hash tag #rescuecoh2. Optionally you can link to this post.

    Guys, it's time to get some perspective. Some small change that you want to get through doesn't matter when the factions and unique elements of CoH 2 are being slowly deleted from the game. I know that they have finally given us a chance for input, after 3 years, but it's clear they are NOT listening to us; it's a lie! At the same time they have had complete liberty to do whatever they wanted, unquestioned, for 3 years, and now it's time to stop. It's enough. Isn't that enough? They are clearly not game designers, and, community "sentiment" (in reality their sentiment) is not going to design games. 3 years of their own personal changes is ENOUGH. Wake up guys! Sure, there are some good fixes in these updates, but, as I said, if the game is going to be destroyed, then what's the point?

    Furthermore, this game has an extensive modding hub where people can make all the mods they want. Let them all make their own mods and play them, rather than forcing us to play their mods/destroying Company of Heroes 2. Or, if Relic wants, make a competitive mode/mod/tuning pack for competitive play, rather than destroying their game by handing it over to these people. PvP is NOT the only game mode.

    Our demands:

    1. Company of Heroes 2 must not be updated to the "2020/21 Winter Balance Update" and no future patches are to be made by the "community balance team" unless they meet the criteria in demand 2. This is a VERY REASONABLE request, considering we could also ask for your changes to be completely reverted (but we're not). You have had 3 years to change Company of Heroes 2 in whatever way you wanted, and your changes are being allowed to stay; that's EXTREMELY generous: This is a compromise. My favourite unit may have been deleted from the game, but no one else's will be, from this point on.

    2. Any future work that is to be done on Company of Heroes 2 by the "community balance team", that results in an update, is restricted to:
      1 Bug fixing.
      2 Fixing in game descriptions (such as veternacy descriptions).
      The "Bug fixing" must be for VERY CLEAR bugs, meaning, they are broken elements of the game, and you must give full reasoning/justification for the change. We do not want to hear that the T-34/76 ram was actually a bug and never meant to be in multiplayer and is being removed. For this reason there are to be no "Quality of Life Improvements" as it gives you too much liberty to subtly change the game in any way you see fit and call it a "Quality of Life Improvement". Note that, this is not a demand for you to continue work, but restrictions on any work you voluntarily choose to do that goes on to affect the official version of Company of Heroes 2.

    This is the end of our demands.


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    1 year ago

    Review Patch 3.1
    We are fine

    Year 1945 requires to build all the buildings, which is slow to upgrade.

    Penal terminators

    We should stay at home to drink more tea, forget about the points, sanbags and useless tanks.

    Need more oil, its early 1945

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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921
    edited December 2020

    I feel the next patch, AEC & Bofors both unlocked for 35fuel. Im not sure if this is feel right.

    USF: starts with 3 combat units.
    Mid game: they either unlock Platoon, Company, or both which unlock another 4 combat units (2 of them are alternate Riflemen)

    • At mid game, USF has 5-6 different combat units choice until Med tech come at 13min


    Soviet: starts with 2 units in HQ & 3 in either Tier1 or 2. Total of 5.
    Then they use the same set until Light tech come at 8min. Though they some option units from commanders.


    Okw: starts with 4 combat units.
    Mid game either unlock Support tech with 3 units (MG, Flak, supportgun), or Light tech with 4 units (MG, Luch, Puma, Stuka) except they cant mix with each other or they have no hope in late game.


    Brit: starts with 3 combat units.
    Mid game: Sniper, Sapper, Officier, ATgun, Bofors, AEC, Mortar. Total of 10 combat units, not requiring commander
    Even if not unlock AEC,Bofors, they still have mass unit choice at hand ready to use, while not requires any fuel. This is can also abuse-able in team game, that they can skip AEC, Bofors tech to go early Cromwell/Centaur.
    Perhaps mid tech should lock different units rather than AEC,Bofors? A Hammer/Anvil tech in mid game?

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    1 year ago

    Review Patch 4
    Merry Christmas

    Welcome back to late 1944

    Russia Empire is great again

    Dawn of War 3 balance, build for nothing

    Need more HR and oil at 1945

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    1 year ago

    I'd like to see 3 things addressed to balance with the other factions:

    1. Ostheer get elite infantry that can directly challenge rangers/shock troops
    2. Ostheer to get forward retreat point
    3. OKW build ammo/fuel caches.
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    1 year ago

    OKW cache, when? :D

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    1 year ago
    ATATWalkerATATWalker Posts: 10
    edited January 2021

    Panzer IV Command Tank, Balanceing

    Hi I had some suggestions, balance/adjusting for the (Stub nose, Panzer IV Command Tank)

    Replace the Vet one (Blitzkrieg Tactics" ability) with the (HEAT Shell" ability) like that on the (StuG E Assault Gun) (See images below) This way it could at least stun enemy armor and not be completely helpless mid/late game. The Blitzkrieg is not needed a bit worthless for a support unit, you are trying to avoid the enemy not assaulting the front.

    Secondly you could have the defensive buff be a veterancy bonus or a mid/heavy armor korps unlock upgrade, like the (Assault Grenadiers-squad leader-Unlock) This would allow you to lower PZ IV to five command points with out being OP. Similar to the (StuG E Assault Gun, Puma and MK. XI Command Tank). I did some testing and five command points is perfect. light tanks can still Pen it's armor and are a bit faster. Butt PZ-IV has a bit more HP's, similar damage on both. The British command MK. XI, all-so at five command points. it Is better in damage/armor you could move it to four butt that would be at (M8 "Greyhound) too early I think. It would all-so incentivize players to go back and play old Wehrmacht commanders. like Mechanized doctrine, Blitzkrieg doctrine and Festung doctrine.

    To summarize If players knew they would have access to the Command Tank from the beginning butt would have to wait tell mid game to get the D-buff and Vet stun-shell's. It be a far more appealing and a better trade-off start to finish.

    You may need too zoom-in to read text, Ctrl +

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    1 year ago

    Improving Soviet T Hunter Tactics ! knew with pictures

    Soviet Defensive Tactics (Community), has PMD-6M Mines Anti-Personnel version. Butt it is all-so packaged with (Tank Traps). Too be fare Tank hunter tactics needs (Tank Traps) with its PMD-6M Mines. lets be frank The Light Anti-Vehicle Mines is no one's favorite it's just not worth it on it own. Tank Traps would be more useful. 6M Mines are identical to the USA **(M7 Light Anti-tank Mines) **You never see anyone using them.

    Tank Hunter Ambush Tactics!

    This is a good idea in theory, butt in gameplay is not all that helpful. I find my self never using it at all. and now that the SU-76M Assault Gun has in the update you do not need this commander for it any way's. recommendation replace with The Mark Vehicle ability (the enemy vehicle is subject to an increase in "focused fire and damage.) The Recon Overflight would go will with the taktic's Howitzer and still have an Anti-Tank focus.

    You may need too zoom-in to read text, Ctrl +

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    1 year ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 77

    Regarding the transfer of the US officers... I don't think that anyone will use it, it's easier to send a squad on a suicide mission. Perhaps it is worth doing so that the captain / lieutenant will be replaced by a detachment of Riflemen, a crew and a detachment of doctors will be given for the major.

    I see how they are trying to bring the panther to the golden mean, but what if you do not change its driving characteristics, leave its accuracy as it is, but increase the damage to 200? What do you think of it?

    The KV-2 is still the leanest heavy tank available only through the commander. Its armor is weak, its accuracy and maneuverability are low. All he has is his main 152mm gun, which even a Panzer4 cannot penetrate, but this is a big gun. May add to hit effects such as in the British Artillery Support doctrine, which inflicts a weak stun on a hit vehicle.

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    1 year ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 87

    First of all, I would like to congratulate the balance team in their work.
    Reading these notes I see that many annoying cheap strategies will be nerfed.

    I am looking forward to an improved Su-76 as I often buy it. Nothing supports pental blob like a mobile AT/Arty behind them.

    I Would like to suggest these changes to further improve the game balance.
    Bren carrier should cost as much fuel as a soviet scout car as its impact is even greater than the car. Manpower cost should be adjusted. Upgrading bren carrier with an mg or flamer requires teaching up.

    Commandos should be limited to having only 1 unit at a time. They are way too strong and if massed they become impossible to deal with especially that they can be invisible.

    I think if boffors are to be used at the same time as AEC it should have its brace ability removed.

    US AA truck training time should be increased since it is too easy to rush.

    Red Guards should have their PTRS purchasable for 0 ammo so the player can decide to not have them if he wants to prioritize fighting infantry with his red guards. It could be nice to have PPSH on them but I see that this is a wishful thinking from me.

    Osttruppen for Oster mobile defence doctrine should be changed to regular 0 CP osttruppem. Having osttruppen on 3 CP makes no sense.
    Puma should not require Battlephase 2 (I have a stug then it is pointless to buy a puma in BF2. Puma should arrive at a similar time mark as OKW one.)
    I also suggest replacing the smoke screen with 250 mortar half truck to focus more on mobility in this doctrine.

    Relief infantry ability for osteer is useless and nobody ever uses it. It should be reworked.

    Pak 43 should have the same ability as the British 17 pounder where the crew can stick fingers in their ears and pretend they are not shot (and survive) Currently one arty barrage can destroy the pak 43 what makes them useless.

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    1 year ago
    KiethSomataw99KiethSoma… Posts: 111
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    My change requests:
    T-70 Light Tank: modify it so it's not as nerfed. Perhaps rate of fire shouldn't be decreased but that's as far as I would go. Model killed per shot remain the same as the nerf.

    ISU-152 Heavy Assault Gun: was thinking of its HE range decreased from 70 to 65 instead of 60. A lesser nerf.

    Tiger Pzkpfw VI: It shouldn't be game ruining for them to require any armor producing structure in addition to 12 CP and Battle Phase 3. It should make sense, actually. (Suggested Requirement: 12 Command Points, Battle Phase 3, Heavy Panzer Korps or Support Armor Korps)

    Bunkers: I see that bunkers can receive both the Medic and Reinforcement point upgrades. How bout making it that it becomes a late game option, requiring Battle Phase 3 and all 4 HQ production building set up.

    Panzergrenadiers: how bout making it so they require an Infanterie Kompanie or Mechanized Support Kompanie to be built, in addition to Battle Phase 1. They are still called from the Kampfgruppe Headquarters, but it's only a small change.

    M26 Pershing: this tank is a bit fragile compared to other comparable heavy tanks. Was thinking of a way to improve its survivability: Veterancy 1 improved acceleration is replaced with Vehicle Self-Repair Ability. Spend 60 munitions to slowly repair itself for 15 seconds. Weapons and movement are disabled during that time. This ability won't necessarily result in a full repair, probably around 30% of its health.

    Sturmpioneers: Come on, why hasn't the combat package been gated behind calling in a SWS supply halftrack for the first time? This would leave OKW with the Raketenwerfer 43 as a reliable enough counter to early vehicle rushes. Before a certain patch, this upgrade would require a command truck to be set up. My suggestion make it so you only need to call in any command truck for the first time to permanently enable that upgrade.

    Walking Stuka Halftrack: I hear complaints on how it comes too early. I was thinking of making it have a requirement. Just as the Battlegroup headquarters needs an upgrade to allow its vehicle units, the Mechanized Headquarters, however, needs to upgrade with Repair Pioneers to enable this artillery unit. Not a significant change I hope.

    Kubelwagen: was thinking of making it have a received damage multiplier from AT mines so it can be once again one-shotted by those mines. Help improve counterplay against them raiding your supply lines while your forces are at the frontline. Other methods to attack this vehicle will require the same effort as armor and health remain the same, only change about its durability is its vulnerability to Anti-Tank mines. After all, German Teller and Riegel AT mines are more expensive but can one shot more expensive light vehicles and light tanks.

    Bofors Emplacements and AEC Armored Cars: There's a reason why they were mutually exclusive. Why not make it so if you unlock one of those two options, the other option will require Company Command Post to be built. Example: After building the Platoon Command Post, you decide to unlock the Bofors emplacement. This will lock out the AEC Armored Car until you build a Company Command Post. Once that is built, you can unlock that option as well.

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    1 year ago
    HingieHingie Posts: 2,009
    edited January 2021

    Heres a suggestion: drop the pretense and rename the game Company of Penals. Judging by the neverending improvements these guys get, its obvious you want to.

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    1 year ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 77

    Bug: updating the Wehrmacht assault squad to MP40, after a while they return to their basic weapon, i.e. to rifles.

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    11 months ago

    Brummbar barrage from 120 to 90 seconds is way too fast. My M1 atg got bombed, i wheeled it back, reinforced, wheeled it back up... AND THE BRUMMBAR CAN DO IT AGAIN!! This unit is supposed to get nerfed but shaving 30 seconds off the cooldown is way too good, its easily worth the 30 munitions anyways. Just leave it at 120 ffs. Can't imagine how much more annoying that would be in a big team map.

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    10 months ago
    HingieHingie Posts: 2,009

    I fail to understand why the PTRS package change of the Penals is being advertised as "a true AT package" when it is also altered to not nerf the AI DPS of the squad. This is as if Panzerschrecks would get a decent chance to hit infantry to ensure the squad doesnt lose any AI abilites. Make the PTRS a choice that converts Penals into mediocre AT with poor AI (due to them having a high model count per squad), rather than becoming good at both.
    Beyond that I generally fail to understand why this squad requires even more reworks, all of which are - at the end of the day - net buffs to their already outstnading performance. The only rework they require is a clear role defined by the upgrade.

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