Osteer comand tank

11 months ago
YappirYappir Posts: 87
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Two issues I have with osteer command tank:

You cannot prioritize vehicles on it. The short 75mm cannon has little to no penetration so I understand it is treated as an anti-infantry unit. Sometimes I am chasing things like M3s or jeeps with it and it makes it harder to micro not to have vehicle priority. 222 has it so why not command tank?

Today I was wondering how much the command tank buff actually gives.
(It is -20% dmg received for all units if you are wondering)
On CoH2 wiki (it is outdated so correct me if I am wrong) I was surprised to find out that veterancy does not change command tank command abilities. Instead, veterancy improves command tank combat performance. Obviously, you do not want to use the command tank as a regular fighting unit so... I feel that we have some kind of dissonance there. A field officer veterancy improves his abilities and command capabilities same with Command Panther for OKW. So why it is different here?

Obviously beefing up the defensive bonuses of its buff could throw the balance out of the window but it could be many different things. Like penetration, acceleration, accuracy, and so on.
Perhaps the veterancy could give the command tank some more abilities. One that quickly comes to my mind is heat shells, so the player can spend some ammo and have improved penetration on their short 75.

My suggestions to solve this issue:

vet 1
Blitzkrieg (or maybe heat shells or even both)
vet 2
+30% armor (currently)
+10% acceleration to all nearby vehicles (replaces +40% turret rotation)
vet 3
+20% rotation speed (currently)
+10% to the penetration of all tanks nearby (replaces -30% of reload time)
+10% accuracy for all nearby units (replaces +10% acceleration)


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    11 months ago
    KotanysKotanys Posts: 8
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    when did 222 get "prioritize vehicles" ability?

    nvm i thought you meant "mark vehicle" ability

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    10 months ago

    Giving command tank such changes would require it to go higher in price and higher in CP. Not "or" - "and".
    The thing already throws balance of engagement out the window, buffing aura even more will make it and even more valuable unit. Not to mention it doesn't even have to fight(I think it was not intended to) and it's value only goes up in the late game even having vet 0.

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