General Winter Balance Feedback(Rant)

10 months ago

Consider this post a more of a rant, rather than a feedback since this recent "patch" has made yet more changes to the infamous balans(yes, not balance; there's none) of this game.
General balancing issues are still in place and some are even more prominent.
Not even going to start talking about "true chad mode" (aka 1v1) and people throwing numbers and open field simulations to prove a point. 1v1 and every other modes are virtually 2 different games so it still baffles me why there is no separate ruleset for mass modes or something of the sort. And numbers are only good on paper, when you play the game you see how it actually is with your own eyes. coughmortarscough
Just by reading the final notes one can see that there is the same trend as in most of the patches. Nerf what is good for the allies and buff what is amazing for axis. At least there is consistency, so we have that going on for us all.
Faction balance is still in a trash can, vehicle/tech times are still off, axis power creep is still there, cheese is where it was before the patch.
No matter how much rework Brit buildings get - all of them end up being worse than before. Comet pinhead shot splash is still not fixed, USF yet again are getting their AT nerfed, soviets almost got T34 basically deleted as a HT/HTD pinning option. And all of these slight nerfs and "reworks" only add to an enormously large list of things that allow axis be forgiven for their mistakes because apparently we can't have axis players being punished for making serious mistakes or have risky gambits against high-value targets pay-off.
Yes, I know. Development-wise this game is dead and Relic is making AOE4, provided Sega didn't pull the plug on it. So there is no point in waiting for additional content.
TL;DR: imo this game comes dangerously close to DOW2's infamy.

P.S: Quoting a song by Miracle of Sound: "We b*tch because we love you, and we want you to be great". This game is great technically and visually and still looks great. But it has to be more consistent and less of a "roll of a dice".


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    10 months ago

    Tell that to the folks at COH2.ORG, but I will warn you, they'll probably ban you and tell you to go to hell if you even provide balance feedback, let alone a balance rant.

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    10 months ago

    @KiethSomataw99 said:
    Tell that to the folks at COH2.ORG, but I will warn you, they'll probably ban you and tell you to go to hell if you even provide balance feedback, let alone a balance rant.

    Gatekeeping in this community is a real thing and unfortunately it is one of the reasons this game is so barren.

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    10 months ago
    Aza001Aza001 Posts: 5

    Despite what wehraboos kiddos and top 50 say (that play mainly 1v1), you hit the spot. I play always 4v4, and is totally wrecked.
    Now I play almost only allies 'cause I ended up hating the Axis, is really too much easier and I hate those kiddos gloating when they win as axis, that require 50% effort... Allies need 200%.

    Can someone PLEASE explain me why relic keep this game unbalanced and, worstly, nerf always allies? (like the nonsense nerf of USF assault engi with that abnormous cooldown)
    Because my only guess is that they simply follow the most of players: if mostly play as axis (like stats say) = they buff axis.

    PS: I stopped play axis when reached 14 wins in a row, 7 with OKW and 7 with Wehr... I could win almost blinded.

    I like this game, but is really sad how became.

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    10 months ago

    This game is unbalanced because relic mistakenly thinks that this is in some way an infamous "asymmetrical balance". And it ain't it, chief. My thesis is that people who do "balancing" take into account what is happening, but don't look at why it happened. And for the most part mishaps on axis side are due to being overconfident in their units.

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    10 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921

    Are you sure you were playing Axis at high rank?
    Which Allies faction are you playing?

    I met a player's name "Do u even blob bro" 3 times. All his game play is about 3 Calliop barrage an area, then has 3 Ranger with 9 zooks, rush pass defensive line with Cover to Cover.
    As long as your team has at least a Brit, I would say the winning chance is already high. Double Brit is likely auto win in 4v4.

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    9 months ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 87

    Fun fact, you just can't use allies strong points so it feels like they are underperforming but in fact, you are just misusing faction. Like that guy who was scratching his head why 6 conscript teams can't win with a single mg.

    if they axis are so overpowered why don't you play them and show us all how amazing you can be with em?
    First T-70, Stuard or AEC rush and they will send you home.


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    9 months ago

    @Yappir said:
    First T-70, Stuard or AEC rush and they will send you home.

    This unit on the field means that your opponent is short on critically needed fuel. That is almost a safe assumption that you will have enough time to afford a panther. Turtle until then, loose some ground, scare it with pzfaust, rocket arty if team weapons are in some numbers or there are definitive choke spots.
    Panther out - you have the initiative, now it's allies that have to react. If things went relatively well and you didn't loose much of your forces then you have some number of infantry, rocket arty and panther. Advance, rocket arty, panther for the rest. In case of emergency press 'Nitrous Oxide' ability and be gone.
    If you think I haven't had my share of axis games or I don't see typical scenarios of events and builds, then allow me to disappoint you.

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    9 months ago
    HingieHingie Posts: 2,009
    edited April 2021

    I think you a) greatly underestimate the costs of a Panther and b) overestimate the power of a Panzerfaust. If your oponent knows what hes doing, that Panzerfaus is not going to get into range vs a T-70 (which will wipe the floory with the Grenadiers in the meantime), Stuart or AEC.
    You completely ignore the fact the allies immediately gain the Initiative over the battle by deploying the light vehicle, forcing the axis player to react to their choice. Losing ground means earning fewer ressources, which in turn makes your Panther Rush scenario less likely to succeed. I would in face argue that by the time that Panther you hold in such high regard hits the field, the Allied player has a TD out.

    By what you have written, the axis games youve seen were not very... indicative of what happens regularly.

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    9 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921
    edited April 2021

    Agree with @Hingie
    Most map has 10 basic point, with 2 fuel. Split between both side, each has around 20fuel income per min (without cache)
    I will talk about both in game timing & fuel income.

    2min (40fuel): US & UK unlock Tier1
    4min (80fuel): US & UK unlock Light vehicle
    7min (140fuel) : US & UK get their Light vehicle
    13min (260fuel): unlock Medium tank Tier
    19min (380fuel): Medium tank

    If you decide to hold fuel for Panther, it would be like this
    3min (60fuel): Battlephase1 & Tier 2
    8min (160fuel): Battlephase2 & Tier3
    10min (200fuel): Battlephase3 & Tier4
    19min (380fuel): Panther

    If you save fuel for Panther, alone that their Light vehicles will harassing you for pure 12min. And Im talking about you able to keep your 20fuel income per min. While its not possible for Axis, where they can cut your resource while they have more.
    The result would be their Medium tank come earlier than 19min, while your Panther come even later than 19min. In 4v4, enemy having 8 tanks while you have none is a not easy to turn the table.

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