Commander Update Beta 2021 - Ostheer Feedback



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    9 months ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 77

    I see that there are suggestions for improving the Wehrmacht command tank, but I wanted to offer a little more.
    Add an increase in sight to the command tank for every nearby allied tank (analogy like 1vet Sherman). Divide the buff for infantry and vehicles. Leave damage reduction for armored units, add reload speed for infantry and command weapons.
    P.S. if you choose which ability to leave in the reziz version, then calling light artillery support seems more cost-effective.

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    9 months ago

    I believe there should be a change with bunkers:

    Only one bunker per player on the field can be designated as both heal and reinforcement point.
    Either that or T3/Battle Phase 2 is required before you can upgrade medical bunkers with command upgrade and command bunkers with medical upgrade.

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    9 months ago

    Overall Commander Changes

    -Counterattack Tactics ability: Change from 0 CP to 4 CP;
    This commander ability is an underused, hidden gem that is actually quite potent. Raise in CP to prevent fast capture in the early game.

    -Veteran Squad Leaders: Change gren veteran squad leader upgrade from 1 to 2 StG44;
    Having 1 StG 44 feels inadequate compared to MG 42 lmg upgrade, even with 5th model. Volks receive 2x StG44s for 60 ammo so Ostheer grens should as well.

    -Jaeger Light Infantry Package: Merge Model 24 Stun Grenades into Jaeger Light Infantry Package for use in grens, panzergrens, and storm troopers; when grens purchase Jaeger Light Infantry Package grants 2x G43, gain 5th model, maintain -10% RA, lose standard model 24 grenade, change cost from 60 to 80 ammo;
    The current version of G43 grens have -10% RA and are still too soft with 4 models to be a mobile unit. This change makes grens more in line with panzerfusilier G43 upgrade while still keeping their power level below the Jaeger Command Squad which has 3x G43.

    -Move Forward Supply Station into Defensive Fortifications, Replaces Forward Supply Station with Defensive Fortifications in Festung Support Doctrine and Joint Operations Doctrine, Change Defensive Fortifications from 2 CP to 3 CP;
    Forward Supply Station needed lower CPs to be effective because ambient structures are low in health and quantity on most maps. The combining of these two abilities allows for construction of both concrete bunkers that fill the roll of the Forward Supply Station when it is inevitably destroyed. As a bonus, Defensive Fortifications fits these doctrine's theme well.

    Ostheer Commander Changes

    Assault Support Doctrine
    -Change Fragmentation Bomb into Assault and Hold;
    The combination of abilities is over powered on this doctrine and an ammo burden with two expensive off map strikes to choose from. Assault and hold is a thematic replacement and less of an ammo burden while diversifying the doctrine's play style.

    Blitzkrieg Doctrine
    -Change Reconnaissance Overfight into Veteran Squad Leaders;
    Stuka Close Air Support is already a powerful ability, coupled with recon it is overbearing. Ostheer as a whole has an over saturation of recon and is unnecessary here. Gives another option for a doctrine with Veteran Squad Leaders.

    Close Air Support Doctrine
    -Change Stuka Reconnaissance Pass into Smoke Bombs;
    Both abilities provide recon, cost the same in ammo, and are 2CP. Simple change to give Close Air Support a smoke option.

    Elite Troops Doctrine
    -Change Model 24 Stun Grenades into Entrenching Tools;
    As mentioned previously, stun nades would now be part of Jaeger Light Infantry Package. If these troops are elite, they should be able to build their own cover and barbed wire.

    Festung Support Doctrine
    -Change Relief Infantry into Cargo Truck;
    Although the attempt was admirable, the effort to make Relief Infantry useful is futile. All the speed ups and lower CPs do not make getting a mid game osttruppen squad helpful, no matter how many lmgs it equips. Cargo Truck is generally useful, but also particularly good at supporting the Sector Artillery.

    Jaeger Infantry Doctrine
    -Change Light Artillery Barrage into LeFH 18 Artillery;
    This doctrine is immensely ammo consumptive and needs an appropriate non ammo ability/unit. LeFH 18 Artillery works great with Jaeger Command Squad and creates more LeFH 18 doctrine choices.

    Lighting War Doctrine
    -Change Relief Infantry into Breakthrough Equipment;
    Filled with attractive abilities except for the out of place Relief Infantry. Replacing it with Breakthrough Equipment puts this doctrine in a perfect position.

    Mechanized Assault Doctrine
    -Change Mechanized Assault Group into Sd.Kfz 250/1 Half-track;
    German Mechanized Doctrine had this positive change made earlier in the commander update. Do the same with Mechanized Assault Doctrine for consistency.

    Mobile Defense Doctrine
    -Change Mobile Observation Posts into Light Artillery Barrage;
    At first glance Mobile Defense Doctrine seems like the logical place for Mobile Observation Posts, however that would be incorrect. Excluding the counterattacks ability, the primary function of Mobile Defense Doctrine is to build and maintain the puma. Panzer Tactician protects the puma with smoke and the Command Tank increases the puma's survivability while protecting it from infantry. To have the player investing micro into a Half-track is counterproductive to the principle action of managing the puma and command tank. Light Artillery Barrage is more aligned with Mobile Defense Doctrine's goals by providing an affordable ammo using ability to deter AT guns.

    Ostheer Unit Changes

    -Puma: Change from 5 CP to 0 CP. Requires Battle Phase 1 and is now produced in Leichtie Support Kompanie. 60 second build time;
    The puma has a narrow job of hunting light vehicles and harassing medium vehicles once it has vet. When set at 5 CP, the puma is way too late if the player is behind in resources. If the player is ahead in resources, the player might not even reach 5 CP by the time they can afford the puma and would rather start working on obtaining a T3 tank (Ostwind, Stug 3, Panzer 4). By establishing the puma at these new parameters, the Ostheer puma will be available at similar timing of the OKW puma.

    -251 Half-tracks: Mobile observation post flares cost reduced from 50 to 40 ammo. Increase cool down. Add description stating duration of flare sight;
    Reduced cost of half-track flares justified because of comparable flare prices and now has ammo usage competing with riegal mine.

    -Heavy Panzer Korps: Change passive ability All Out War to include panzergrens;
    Call-in units assault grens, storm troopers, officers and the jaeger command squad would still be excluded. When Heavy Panzer Korps is built it would make a mild yet crucial change of 34 to 32 mp reinforcement cost to PGs.

    -LeFH 18 Artillery: Give Direct fire ability like the OKW variant, moved to vet 2, ability only targets vehicles, extend range by 20, damage from 250 to 400, all listed changes would apply to OKW variant as well;
    A rarely seen ability that should be on the Ostheer variant LeFH 18 and deserves more action. Change of 400 damage so LeFH 18 can one shot all light vehicles and pressure mediums that are stationary within the line of sight.

    Ostheer Bugs

    Visual Bug:
    MG 42 upgrade on the Stug 3 E is visually bugged. When upgraded, gunner and muzzle flash is visible but the gun is absent. Still inflicts MG 42 damage.

    Thank you for reading and taking these changes into consideration.

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    8 months ago
    Arcturus64Arcturus64 Posts: 11

    For the Luftwaffe Supply Doctrine, I'd replace the incendiary bombing run with the Supply Drop Zone however, as someone mentioned before, the Supply Drop zone should be balanced in a way that it is possible to intercept the planes with AA fire.

    My reasoning:
    First: The doctrine already has an anti-infantry incendiary bombing run in the Heavy Bombing Run, having another anti-infantry bombing run is redundant.

    Second: the doctrine already uses a lot of ammo between the CO abilities and the officer's not to mention the other sources of ammo consumption like upgrades, grenades etc

    The supply zone (if properly balanced) would greatly help to compensate for the ammo required by the doctrine.
    Besides it IS called luftwaffe SUPPLY doctrine so it would make more sense to have the Supply zone on that CO rather than the close air support.

    For comparison, here's both the Close Air Support's and the Luftwaffe Supply's ammo consumption through doctrinal abilities/units:

    Close Air Support:
    Stuka recon pass: 35 ammo
    Stuka Anti Infantry Strafe: 60 ammo
    Stuka AT Strafe: 110 ammo
    Stuka Bombing Strafe: 200 ammo

    Total: 405 ammo

    Luftwaffe Supply:
    Medical Supplies: 30 ammo
    Officer Recon Pass: 50 ammo
    Officer Diversion : 25 ammo
    Officer Inspiring aura : 25 ammo
    Officer Supression run : 50 ammo
    Incendiary bombing run : 120 ammo
    Heavy Bombing Run : 250 ammo

    Total: 550 ammo

    Total (even without incendiary bombing run): 430 ammo

    Again, I'm no trying to make the Luftwaffe Supply "OP" but there's a bit of a problem when a doctrine that consumes less ammo has the Supply Drop Zone yet one that DOES consume a lot of ammo doesn't.
    And in case you didn't read the earlier part, I'm all for making the Supply Drop Zone easier to counter with AA.

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    8 months ago
    GEARGEAR Posts: 2
    Ostwind may receive a new
    ability just like the command tank.Blitzkrieg does not suitable for an AA vehicle
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    8 months ago
    GEARGEAR Posts: 2
    251half truck's hotkey "H"doesn't work
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    8 months ago
    Akuma_chan_senseiAkuma_cha… Posts: 19
    edited May 2021

    I'm here to report a minor bug: This is a captured StuG III Ausf. E by a sapper squad. The Pintle MG 42 on the top seems to be working and firing, but it isn't rendered. I think this isn't the first time I might've seen it; I think I may have seen it in a captured StuG III Ausf. G as well, so it seems to happen to captured German tanks, or just the StuGs' fixed pintle MG 42s? I can't confirm. Likewise, I haven't seen this kind of render bug on other faction's tanks.

    I'll come back if I see more bugs, or if I find out more about this.

    Note: I thought this might be British forces bug as well(since I captured it with the sappers), so I posted this on BF, and also this might concern other allied factions as well since I think I've seen this happen with them as well. Not so sure about OKW though.

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    8 months ago
    Akuma_chan_senseiAkuma_cha… Posts: 19
    edited May 2021

    I'm back with the same or related bug on the StuG III Ausf. E: This time, this is a captured StuG III Ausf. E by an echelon squad, and as you can see, it has the Pintle MG 42 upgrade, but the gunner and machine gun isn't even there, nor was it seemingly just unrendered but is firing (like the first one I posted), even though it has the Pintle MG 42 before it was captured. This would be slightly unfair for any player being able to capture an enemy vehicle, but isn't able to utilize its full potential.

    Note: the first one I posted when it was captured with the British sappers at least had the machine gunner, along with the MG 42 firing even though the Pintle MG 42 wasn't rendered. I'll be back if I see more bugs, or anything else related to this.

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    8 months ago
    WAAAGH2000WAAAGH2000 Posts: 139

    Command P4 maybe could increase cost but be command P4J?Or default weapon increase effect like Sherman HE?

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    8 months ago
    Akuma_chan_senseiAkuma_cha… Posts: 19
    edited May 2021

    I think I found another bug on the StuG III Ausf. E.: The Vet 1 Heat Shell that can stun crews can't be targeted on the USF Priest Howitzer. This also gives me the suspicion that this bug may occur on other vehicles, but I don't have the time to test them myself.

    I'm also concerned about the StuG G's Heat shell: The StuG G. in the screenshot was working fine, although I was surprised that the StuG G's Heat shell was reworked to be timed this time, or was it? As in Activate ability>Ability timer starts>Attack/Fire on target? Doesn't this mean the StuG G. can misfire and attack another vehicle in the event where two or more enemy vehicles are together? The simple Point and click Heat shell ability wouldn't have that kind of unnecessary weakness since the StuG will target exactly the vehicle you want disabled instead of attacking something else if the initial target suddenly disappeared from its line of sight and of course, it won't fire at all if the target does disappear, saving you munitions you couldn't use.

    Anyways, good luck fixing what needs fixing.

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    8 months ago
    WAAAGH2000WAAAGH2000 Posts: 139

    About Ost relief infantry and Soviet rapid Conscription,now in Test mod is little useful than before,but maybe could more controllable,change “lost ”X infantry to call-in new infantry squad to “reinforced” X infantry to call-in new squad

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    8 months ago
    KiethSomataw99KiethSoma… Posts: 111

    Is it me or are all my suggestions to be ignored? Particularly those with the Ostheer Tiger Pzkpfw VI and the Bunker.

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    8 months ago
    Aiborne82Aiborne82 Posts: 22

    Why are we always making the German abilities cheaper, more effective, and moving at three times the speed of their Allied counterparts? If there is one thing that Allies at least kind of had it was air superiority. Looking at this game and the fact that the German Heavy Bombing Run gives you 5 seconds to react compared to the British one that gives an axis player 15 seconds to react, you'd think the Germans won the war. Not to mention its also 75 munitions cheaper and covering just as large of an area.

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