Commander Update Beta 2021 - OKW Feedback



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    8 months ago
    yunusozgulyunusozgul Posts: 20

    @Akuma_chan_sensei said:
    I found a bug with the Panzerfüsiliers Model 24 grenade ability: If you are controlling multiple Panzerfüsilier squads and use the Model 24 grenade ability just once, the entire selected group of squads of Panzerfüsiliers will all throw a Model 24 grenade each instead of just the nearest squad throwing a single grenade e.g. if you have three selected Panzerfüsilier squads and then use the Model 24 ability once, all three squads will throw a single grenade each instead of just the nearest squad to the target area throwing a single grenade.

    Note: I haven't noticed anything like this for other OKW infantry, such as Volks, Obers, Falls. Haven't tried Light Jaeger yet again, but will come back here if I see more bugs.

    The same thing happens when you try to throw Model 24 Stun Grenade that is available for the Elite Troops Doctrine commander.

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    8 months ago
    WAAAGH2000WAAAGH2000 Posts: 139

    Rework IRstg plz,maybe be Call-in ability or bundle with Volks MP40,and increase upgrade cost to 80 but give Ober 10% damage reduction.
    SP flamethrower bundle with support gun incendiary ammunition.
    Scavenge Doctrine ostwind maybe could replace by T34/76 without RAM ability

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    8 months ago

    I have a minor improvement suggestion concerning the Sturm Offizier: The Sturm Offizier gets an STG 44 + bonus to attack speed, but when the Sturm Offizier squad picks up any weapon, it is immediately replaces the Officer's weapon, either his Walther or worse, the STG 44 when he is Vet 5. Everyone can agree that they prefer an STG 44 instead of a Karabiner 98, so my suggestion is that if the Offizier isn't Vet 5 and only has a pistol, the weapon is equipped to the Offizier himself, and when the squad is Vet 5 and he has an STG 44, any weapon picked up replaces the Kar 98's the Soldated models are carrying.

    The more complicated situation is if the Offizier picks up a weapon before vet 5, so the weapon will be on the hands of the Offizier until he dies and a Soldated model gets it, so the solution would be to always prioritize the STG 44 on the Offizier, until he is required to carry the weapon due to squad loss, and then when the Squad is reinforced, the STG 44 returns to the Offizier and the weapon transferred to a Soldaten.

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    6 months ago
    Arcturus64Arcturus64 Posts: 11

    King Tiger tooltip for Spearhead is wrong, it says 'Require Veterancy 3' instead of Veterancy 1.
    Also the veterancy tooltip when you hover over the stars says that vet 1 gives combat speed instead of spearhead.

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