why pvp is not fun anymore (again)

9 months ago

Dear coh2 community,

I have been playing Coh1 for approx. 500 hours and Coh2 for more than 700 hours.

Between release and before the new armies came up I enjoyed playing pvp ( 1v1 and 2v2 mostly) via the matchmaker a lot. I played and play mostly Soviet. Exciting matches and after a few issues in the beginning the game appropriate balanced for me. When the OKW and the USF where released, not much was changed regarding the balanced state of the game imho.

When the OKW was released it was a nation of highly specialized and very strong troops.

But their downside was the low (2/3 of other nations) ressource income and the lack of standard units such as heavy MGs (stationary Kübelwagen could instead nail down infantry) or medium tanks such as Pz IV.

Together with a teammate we figured out how to outplay their strong early game infantry with grenades or an ambush and the game was then basically lost for the OKW player because he could not compensate the losses.

I then stopped playing pvp because I felt like skill and fast reaction were not important anymore but sitting in the back with mortars until the heavy german tanks are ready was more important. That was not fun anymore but thats another story.

Now I came back to 1v1 pvp after like 5 years of abstinence and things have changed a lot. Mortar wars is no more. Its now the time of SMG troop blobs.

The OKW still has the strongest infantry units and tanks but now they get the standard units such as a heavy MG and medium tanks, too and not only the specialized. They have lost their unique playstyle that made counters possible. Also they get the same ressource income as other nations.

When there was only 1 Sturmpioneersquad and 1 Kübelwagen in the early game a Soviet player or a Brit player with the basic infantry was able to counter them. Now OKW can build 3 Sturmpioneers in the first 2 minutes. How are you supposed to counter them? Nades or Molotov? Nades got nerfed and Molotov takes forever to throw, and Molotovs seem to have lost their ability to kill 1 man directly when the bottle splashes. You can do nothing the OKW player cant do, too as they have the MG34 available now.

The OKW players I played against had no superior tactics or better micromanagement than me. I know how this game works, how to throw and dodge nades, how to push, how to set up an ambush and how to position my HMGs. They were just able to melt down my infantry and tanks. Even when I controlled 2/3 of the map since basically the beginning for 15 minutes the OKW player still could turn it around.

If you think about it the OKW now gets indirectly a higher ressource income than allied players. Why?

To have an army with the same combat strength the allied players needs to have a bigger army. But then their manpower income is reduced.

This is not the game I have loved and introduced to my friends since 2013. The fractions have lost their exciting unique playstyles they had in the beginning.

At this point I also want to ask why its still necessary to introduce huge balance patches to a game where the last big change (apart from a few commanders) was the introduction of the british army 6 years ago

The old veterans here in the forums might say "git gud u boon", but I dont care. From what I have heard on reddit the old relic team that developed CoH 2 back in 2013 does no longer exist but I dont know if its true.

These are just the 2 Cents of an old, but quiet member of the CoH 2 community.

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