[OKW] Sturmtiger nuking capabilities

7 months ago

Well just as the name of the topic states, Sturmtiger was/is/probably still will be the semi-nuke option for the OKW. This unit has enormous range, ridiculous AOE and damage. And now at the apex of wisdom it was decided that this unit should loose it's main downside - possibility to get decrewed if hit upon reload. Combine with a fast reload time it has and you get yourself an amazing vehicle that easily deals and stops it it's tracks literally anything allies have. Brits are supposed to have their own version of that, but problem there is that Petard Churchill is a slow, bulky, nearsighted piece of garbage that can at best try, yes TRY to wipe some squads. Axis player has to be almost asleep to miss this thing.


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    6 months ago
    mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 309
    edited July 2021

    The biggest problem with STURMTIGER is the bug players keep exploit, they issue the order where it should shoot it's target while on the move, whish make it ignore completely the set-up time to fire the Shell. All the suddenly you have an sturmtiger you don't even have time to react to when see it coming before it already fired the shell.

    Compare that to the AVRE's set-up time and its inferior damage to what the sturmtiger does i don't see the logic why the AVRE should be this much wors when it should be kind of a counter to it.

    Alos, the AVRE have an excelent ability to protect itself, STILL after the decrew-ability was removed. I dont see any reason why this unit should be this good compare to the AVRE. The AVRE has been nerfed way too hard and forgotten imo

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