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6 months ago

I'd like to share 3 pieces of feedback regarding the most recent balance patches for Wehrmacht.

  • G43s. The Grenadier G43 buff is great, but replacing rifle grenade with a regular grenade feels awkward for me. Rifle nade is an iconic Grenadier ability and I really miss it when teching G43. Also, when using G43 Grens and Jaeger Command Squad in 1 control group, you can now no longer throw grenades because the Jaeger Command Squad still has the rifle grenade and only abilities shared between squads are available when multiple squads are selected. I would suggest reverting the grenade change. If the change will not be reverted, for consistency, replace the Jaeger Command Squad's rifle nade with a regular nade as well.

  • Panzerwerfer. The panzerwerfer low angle barrage is almost never used. It's advantage over a regular barrage is absolutely minimal and almost never justifies the munitions cost. I would suggest replacing it. For example, a vet1 ability that allows the werfer to shoot a powerful incendiary barrage (vs emplacements) could be an option. A creeping barrage would also be cool as it may alleviate the panzerwerfer's rocket scatter.

  • Assault grenadiers. I feel like locking sprint behind BP1 was unneeded. Agrens were already a situational unit, not seen much in high level play. Agren early game is fragile because of the lack of panzerfaust and nerfing it may make it almost obsolete.


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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 921

    G43. They're mid range weapon with 80% accuracy on the move (all weapons are 50%). They have to get closer to fight, hand grenade is definitely fit them. LMG for long ranger, goes with rifle grenade.

    After a few test, Im agree with it, the first contact rocket is merely 0.5sec early than normal barrage, while it also shoot slower and same number of rocket, with a cost.
    Katyusha creeping barrage gives accurate firing (good vs emplacement) while increase number of rocket from 16 to 24. 10 more ammo than werfer.
    I thought low angle firing is good, but its not worth.

    Sprint lock is needed, or its too oppressive for USF. Though they're far weaker than assault Tommy.

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